Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I'm Back!

Hello Lovlies....

Remember me...?

Yes, It is the crazy girl who promises to be back in this big ole blogosphere with vengeance but then sadly disappears for months on end yet again...

Life....That's all I can say is LIFE. This crazy one of mine seems to overwhelm me and try as I might to keep up with it all AND blogging...It just doesn't happen, but then I start to feel drained and stale and I realize that my creativity flow has STOPPED! Sad times... So I jump back on the band wagon of blogging with high hopes, refill my creativity outlet tank and the crazy cycle starts all over again. I disappear, get drained and stale, and then reappear again. Not this time..... fingers crossed?!?!

I was browsing my blog today and got a seriously huge case of blog sickness. I realized how much this outlet helps me, I loved seeing how I was grateful for the little "grace moments" in my life each day.  Those moments are so precious to me and re-reading them again was a breath of fresh air and a pang of sadness because I've forgotten to look for those moments and give Jesus thanks for all of those little things daily. I forgot to remember and remind myself how very blessed I am. Busyness can do that to ya! I love how this space keeps me accountable to remembering, as well as other things like....showering and primping daily, (HAHA mom moment and truth) taking some time to myself, documenting daily life for a beautiful keepsake, and many others.

Life has been a whirlwind since I last posted so I'll do a mini instagram post to catch you all up to somewhat speed but until then here are my "grace moments" of the day.

  • My little baby boy telling me that I'm his "best mom ever"
  • Calling my mom and coming away from the conversation with a babysitter everyday until Sunday! Family is the best! Short notice...sorry mom!
  • Getting a text from hubbers yesterday early evening that he is going up to Arctic Man today and I get to go up and meet him Friday!! YAY!
  • Kissing him goodbye lala!
  • Having a king size bed all to MYSELF tonight! Assume the spread eagle position...HECK YEAH.
  • Booking tickets to go visit my best friend in Seattle! Woot- Woot!
  • Taking my daughter to meet and practice with a super sweet high school girl who is AMAZING at basketball! Seeing a young athlete willing to sacrifice some of their time to mentor the younger generation is so refreshing.
  • Watching my daughter work so hard to achieve her basketball dreams and goals.
  • Excited anticipation of being able to chaperon my middle daughters field trip tomorrow. 
  • Jumping back into the blogging swing of things!
It's nice to be back! Thanks for having me...

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