Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other........Burton Hillis

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I am so sorry I have missed blogging and commenting for a few days. I promise I have good excuses though! I have had a whopper of a week. Let me explain bullet style:

  • It is December 22nd and we have no Christmas tree.
  • The reason we have no Christmas tree YET is that we refuse to buy a real one and definately not a fake one.
  • While out "hunting" a Christmas tree with all the kids and Grammie in the truck....It DIED! The truck,  not the tree.....we hadn't cut one yet.
  • The one and only Saturday hubbie had to work all year was the Saturday the truck died.
  • I had to call Father in law to come to the rescue us and take Grammie and the kids home.
  • We  tried to fix  messed with the truck for two hours, only to finally admit that yes, the fuel pump went out, and yes we were going to have to tow the truck about 15 miles.
  • I had to drive and tow Father in law in the my truck (never towed before, was pretty nervous terrified)
  • I am not done with my shopping and not having a truck the week before Christmas is not helping.
  • Hubbie and I decided that we were going to start early on the ice rink at the lake for Christmas.
  • We carried a water pump ( 75lbs) through knee deep snow about 50 yards down to the lake only to decide that it was too windy to flood the rink.
  • On the way back across the ice, I slipped, dropped the HUGE water pump, fell, hit my head, and suffered what I think was probably a concusion.  
  •  Tomorrow my sweet, most awesome little brother is going to help me accomplish all my last minute tasks including , tree, presents, and ice rinks. What a guy huh!
My pictures are seriously photoshopped because it was pretty dark out when we snapped these. The colors are different in every single one, so you will have to use your imagination, but they are most like the big picture. Today the days are getting longer so it will only get easier from here to snap a decent pic. My brother took these for me hence the silly, giggly facees. Thanks Brother! He is such a sport and so much fun to be around. He works out of town two weeks at a time and so when he is home we all try to squeeze in as much time with him as possible. 

Despite all of these "setbacks" I am still totally smitten with the Christmas Spirit.  This year more than ever I am in awe and thankful for the true meaning of Christmas. It is not about all the gifts, decorations, cookies, and making sure everything is just so.  Which I have been SO guilty of in past years. This year I want to celebrate family and friends, laughter and smiles, generosity and kindness, cookies don't hurt either, but most of all I'm celebrating the greatest gift ever given or recieved, Jesus Christ. So many years ago my heavenly father sent his son to be born in a manger on a starry night so that I could live with such joy and freedom, and for that I eternally grateful.

Dress: Target
3/4 length Tee: J-Crew
Sweater: Nordstrom
Tights: Target
Socks: Target
Boots: Thrifted

MAD dash, suicide last minute shopping with the little brother, and then to the eye doctor appointment with the hubbie. Finished off the night over at Grammies (hubbies grandma) for dinner and ice skate rink building.
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Thursday, December 17, 2009

More cozy goodness....

It is still snowing and I'm browsing etsy again and yet again I have found some cozy treasures to share. How rad are these legwarmers!
New boots + lacy legwarmers = I WANT!
All of this snow and the magical winter white backdrop makes me feel like a kid again. I would totally rock this sweater all over town or just wear it in snuggled on the couch with my sweetie, sipping hot cocoa by firelight. HA! I told you all this snow makes me feel romantic and swoony, but seriously isn't the sweater adorable.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.....Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)

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It is still snowing...YIPPEE! I am starting to feel like I live in a flour sack. I have decided not to sell my beloved boots. I figure that a deal like that only comes along once in a lifetime.

I finally busted out a version of the thigh high and I am LOVING it! This blogging thing is great...I would not have ever imagined wearing something like this a year ago. I can't wait to see what I'll be wearing next year.

Sadly the dress I was supposed to wear for my husbands Christmas party never arrived. I ended up having to borrow a dress that was not even a fraction of cool that my dress was. I was so bummed I did not document it....SORRY.
Sweater: Costco
Blouse: Anthropologie
Belt: Target
Leggings: Target
Socks: Target
Boots: Frye...thrifted

Around town and a coffee date in the afternoon.
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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

“As a well spent day brings happy sleep, so a life well spent brings happy death.”........Leonardo da Vinci

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It is snowing! It is snowing hard and it has snowed all night AND all day! I am absolutely estatic! I love when it snows, how it builds up on the trees and transforms the city into such a magical place. Everything seems alright in the world when it looks like this. All is peaceful and serene and I just feel romantic and swoony. (If that is a word) You get the picture, I am HAPPY! All of this was compounded doubly when I stopped off at the Younique Boutique (local consignment shop) to peruse quickly and spotted these FAB-U-LOUS Frye boots for a mere $24! I scooped them up and was quickly disapointed when I saw that they were a size 8. One size to big. For $24 I had to buy them, I just had too, I figured I could sell them on ebay and make a few bucks. Imagine my surprise when I got home and slipped my foot in Cinderella style and they fit PERFECT! Oh I adore you thrifting Gods. So now I have the dilemma of sell or not to sell.... I already have two other pair of Frye boots, my closet is getting small! Excuse my scary happy smiles...I can't contain myself.

Jeans: Denim of Virtue
Sweater: thrifted...$1
Scarf: Banana Republic....ebay
Boots: Thrifted...$24...

I had the delightful pleasure of going to the Post Office today! OMGoodness! That place is absolutely ridonkulous! All I can say is thank goodness for online USPS! I waltzed right on by all of those poor people standing in the line that literally wrapped around the corner and into the abyss to drop my prepaid postage packages into the "large package" slot! I did feel a little guilty especially knowing that the postal service gives you a break in price when you do it online! AWESOME!!!! After that I tried but failed to buy my sister in laws Christmas gift and then home to do...of course CHORES! Tonight I will be attending my daughter's first band concert and then the traditional Christmas concert. WEEEEeeeee.....
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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.

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It seems as though I am supporting the big red bullseye today. I didn't realize it until I started to think about my post for today. Funny how blogging makes you think of what you are wearing in totally different ways.  As mentioned in my Bullet style blog the other day, my husbands company Christmas party is Friday. It is a formal event and the ladies go all out. I always look forward to it because as a SAHM I don't get many chances to get all dolled up. Right now I am FREAKING OUT! I browsed and browsed through so many dresses until I narrowed it down to "the one".  It was a fairly painful process, I ordered it up, giddy and exited that I had found that perfect dress and even splurged for the postal insurance. It was supposed to be hereYESTERDAY at the latest. I thought, OK Danielle don't freak out it will be here tomorrow (today). I calmly went to the mailbox this afternoon, slipped the key in, opened the door and promptly started FRAEKING OUT! No dress! What am I going to do if it doesn't come???? On top of it all a cold sore popped up on my lip yesterday....UGH this must not be my year.  It's gonna come tomorrow...RIGHT???
It's all from Target!

I had to go put up a bulletin board at the school this morning, then I headed over to the thrift store for Dollar Day. I bought the most fabulous dress today. Look for it on Sunday. Maybe I will have to wear it on Friday. When I got home my mom and I decorated my house for Christmas. (inside and out! I'm pretty handy with a staple gun....not really!!!)
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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love......Mother Teresa

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This was one of those outfits that you like in the morning and as the day progresses you like it less and less. Does anybody else have those kinds of outfits? When I finally took pictures tonight I really, really, really disliked it. Oh well ~ there's always tomorrow.

Leggings: Target
Boots: Thrifted
Shorts: Gap
Sweater: J-Crew
Belt: Lucky

I worked at the school this morning and did my usual chores/errands the rest of the day.
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Cozy Christmas Wishes

The cold weather must be getting to me, or maybe the Christmas season but lately I have nurtured my inner need for coziness.  Everyday for the last week my woodstove has been cranked, down blankets have been very near, and I've sipped hot cocoa with snowman marshmallows. MMMMM....  While browing etsy these are the items that are screaming my name!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves......Albert Einstein

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This is my stay in the house and be cozy look. I'm starting to like my bangs a bit more. It seems my hair is starting to "settle into the cut" if that makes any sense. Every morning it is a little bit less stressful. I bought this sweater at Dollar Day last week.

 Loving the sequins and the puffed shoulders! So fun!!!

Thank you so much for all of the comments on my hair. You all are too sweet. Also I did not realize that so many SAHM's read my blog! More of you ladies need to start your own blogs...we are pretty outnumbered here in fashion blogland!!!

**Notice how dusky the sky is...these pics were taken at 3:40 pm!

Jeans: True Religion
Tank: Old Navy
Sweater: Thrifted
Boots: Uggs

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Life is like a mirror, we get the best results when we smile at it.

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Jeans: Seven For all Mankind
Button Up: Thrifted....$1
Sweater: Thrifted.....$0....store credit!!
Belt: Thrifted....$1
Boots: Target

I stayed home for the morning to watch Alabama kick the Gators hineys!!! ROLL TIDE!!!! After that bruiser we all loaded up to head over to the Museum for the tree lighting and Holiday Festival. My second daughter  had artwork displayed and all the proper photos had to be taken while she groaned and moaned in embarrassment. After that we headed over to some friends house to hang out for the evening. Maybe I will start my Christmas decorating today....probably not!!

Are all of you prepared for the upcoming holiday?
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Friday, December 4, 2009

"In the beginning it was fun. In the end, it was all for fun. And in between is where it tickles most."

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Well, first things first, I have bangs, real bonifide bangs. I went all the way, no ease into it sidebang. What do you think? I'm still on the fence. Some days I wake up and think, OK! I can rock these, and other days all I can think about is how stinking long it is going to take to grow them out. I actually think I really like them but they just aren't fitting into my schedule, meaning I actually have to put forth effort EVERY morning in order for me not to look like Alfalfa. Oh well...Enough hair talk. Isn't my blouse fun? The print is so...I'm not sure what, but cool. I bought it at this little consignment shop in town called Younique Boutique. I took in a large tub of clothes and have been having a jolly time perusing every week for new treasures knowing that it won't cost me a dime! I also bought these boots there. It was like they were made for Alaska, they are lined with wool! Cozy toes....

Jeans: Denim of Virtue
Boots: Thrifted...$9
Blouse: Thrifted....$11 (I had store credit so this and the boots cost me $0)
Cardi: Banana Republic

Around town...errand day.
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Bullet style Blogging

Some of you may have noticed my short absence to the blogosphere. I apologize. It has become increasingly difficult to keep it up. The thoughts of quitting my daily regimen of pics and posts has even flitted through my mind.....BUT I just can't do it! I miss it and all of you lovely readers TOO much, and so I will make sure to do better! What has happened in the last few weeks you ask? Let me see if I can do a quick bullet style catch up.....

  • I cut my hair....It is short and layered with bangs and I don't think I really like them.
  • I ordered an extra fabulous dress for my husbands company Christmas party next week! Can't wait to show you, just my style: formal wear!
  • Ate three Thanksgiving meals....I am still dreaming of mashed potatoes and pecan pie.
  • It rained here and I'm bitter about it!  ( December in Alaska should be snow!)
  • I made homeade corn dogs...baked. They were YUMMY!
  • My husband and I tried our hand at making an ice rink on the lake that his grandma lives on....it is WAY harder than you would think....TRUST ME! (the kids haven't skated yet) We even had major equipment like plow trucks, large water pumps  and such..... haven't given up though, maybe the kids will get to skate by Christmas.
  • Watched ALABAMA defeat Auburn!   ROLL TIDE!!!! Can't wait for Saturday....SEC Championship!!!   FUN FACT:   huge football fan.
  • Scored a few fun items at the thrift shops....more on that later!
  • Booked two tickets to Costa Rica in January. Notice I only said two tickets and NOT five...Husband and I are going alone. Any of you been there? Travel tips please!!!
  • I bought all the ingredients to make my first attempt at whoopie pies....today's project, I'll let you know how it goes
  • More later...... the kiddos are starting to wake up and they usually want breakfast or something. 
Style post later today!
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