Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other........Burton Hillis

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I am so sorry I have missed blogging and commenting for a few days. I promise I have good excuses though! I have had a whopper of a week. Let me explain bullet style:

  • It is December 22nd and we have no Christmas tree.
  • The reason we have no Christmas tree YET is that we refuse to buy a real one and definately not a fake one.
  • While out "hunting" a Christmas tree with all the kids and Grammie in the truck....It DIED! The truck,  not the tree.....we hadn't cut one yet.
  • The one and only Saturday hubbie had to work all year was the Saturday the truck died.
  • I had to call Father in law to come to the rescue us and take Grammie and the kids home.
  • We  tried to fix  messed with the truck for two hours, only to finally admit that yes, the fuel pump went out, and yes we were going to have to tow the truck about 15 miles.
  • I had to drive and tow Father in law in the my truck (never towed before, was pretty nervous terrified)
  • I am not done with my shopping and not having a truck the week before Christmas is not helping.
  • Hubbie and I decided that we were going to start early on the ice rink at the lake for Christmas.
  • We carried a water pump ( 75lbs) through knee deep snow about 50 yards down to the lake only to decide that it was too windy to flood the rink.
  • On the way back across the ice, I slipped, dropped the HUGE water pump, fell, hit my head, and suffered what I think was probably a concusion.  
  •  Tomorrow my sweet, most awesome little brother is going to help me accomplish all my last minute tasks including , tree, presents, and ice rinks. What a guy huh!
My pictures are seriously photoshopped because it was pretty dark out when we snapped these. The colors are different in every single one, so you will have to use your imagination, but they are most like the big picture. Today the days are getting longer so it will only get easier from here to snap a decent pic. My brother took these for me hence the silly, giggly facees. Thanks Brother! He is such a sport and so much fun to be around. He works out of town two weeks at a time and so when he is home we all try to squeeze in as much time with him as possible. 

Despite all of these "setbacks" I am still totally smitten with the Christmas Spirit.  This year more than ever I am in awe and thankful for the true meaning of Christmas. It is not about all the gifts, decorations, cookies, and making sure everything is just so.  Which I have been SO guilty of in past years. This year I want to celebrate family and friends, laughter and smiles, generosity and kindness, cookies don't hurt either, but most of all I'm celebrating the greatest gift ever given or recieved, Jesus Christ. So many years ago my heavenly father sent his son to be born in a manger on a starry night so that I could live with such joy and freedom, and for that I eternally grateful.

Dress: Target
3/4 length Tee: J-Crew
Sweater: Nordstrom
Tights: Target
Socks: Target
Boots: Thrifted

MAD dash, suicide last minute shopping with the little brother, and then to the eye doctor appointment with the hubbie. Finished off the night over at Grammies (hubbies grandma) for dinner and ice skate rink building.
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  1. I just love it! The belt sweater copmbo makes my heart flutter.

  2. Amen girlfriend!!! His spirit is what gives you that awesome joy and bubbliness I SO ENJOY ABOUT YOU!!! You look beautiful and radiant as usual! Hope you have a VERY BLESSED CHRISTMAS!:)

  3. Are you posing on train tracks?
    That doesn't look too safe.
    It's a good thing that you are wearing bright colors!

  4. Great color combination.... OMG... so much snow!


  5. The belt is so lovely! I love how you've cinched the sweater with it.

  6. Oh sweetie, you are having quite an "adventure" to get this tree, but I am sure you will find the perfect one! Hopefully today everything will go well.... and *Ouch*, how is your head?

    On a fashion note, you look amazing in your red sweater! I love how you cinched it with the belt.

    Hope you and your family have a very Merry and Blessed Christmas!



  7. I LOVE how you let nothing stand in the way of your joy, Danielle! After a week like yours, I dunno if I'd be such a wonderland of joy & humor! Good on ya! And you look fab as always!

  8. Well I hope you all had a wonderful christmas!! Its nice that even thru all hustle and bustle you can still focus on the real meaning of christmas- I think that gets lost for a lot of people.

  9. nice! i love your nice and great attire, you look very beautiful.


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