Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy 2010!

Wow! Can you all believe it is 2010? So much has happened and so much more to happen, I can't wait. I find myself looking forward to this year more than ever. I have so many plans for the year reguarding my life, family and this blog...more on that later! I just wanted to check in and shout out a little hello to all of you lovlies. My absence from blogland could not be helped, for the fam and I were out in the woods ringing in the New Year. Her is what we have been up to....

Sledding down the mountain filling my face and sports bra with snow...BRRR!

Pretty trees

A few snowshoeing hikes... hot chocolate always to follow.

Dinner...cabin style
 less dishes the better!

Moonlit mountains, frozen creekbeds, and starry nights.....

Self portrait... sans the makeup.

Here's to a great 2010!


  1. Oh, man ... there are few things I love more than a winter weekend in the woods. And your blog really makes me want to visit Alaska! It's so beautiful and you have so much fun enjoying all it has to offer. But there's no way in hell I could survive the winter!

  2. Wow Alaska is gorgeous, I mean all these beautiful pictures, even though I am a island girl, I think I could manage with a day with snow. Over here in Georgia it never snows, send me some girl.

  3. Gorgeous - you and the scenery. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I feel the same way.....this year is going to be the best yet!!!

    Love that pic of the icy tree braches.

    Thanks for sharring with us:)

  5. That first picture is soooo funny and adorable!

    And the picture of the night scene is breathtaking - the kind you should frame .....

    Aaaaaaand how pretty are you sans makeup - muchos jealous!!

    Happy New Year xXx

  6. wow! looks like you were having a ton of fun! gorgeous pictures too!

  7. What an amazing set of pictures !

    What a true blessing being so close to nature is :)


  8. I never thought Id want to go to Alaska til I started reading your blog, now I am really hoping to take a trip there some day soon. These pictures are awesome and it looks like you guys were having so much fun. Happy New Year!


  9. GREAT photos, Danielle!! What a wonderful life you are providing for your children!! Happy New Year!

  10. gorgeous snaps danielle. thanks for helping me slip into alaskan paradise for a few moments.


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