Thursday, January 7, 2010

I need info.....

Serious lack of posting going on here at Just my Style. Once again, I have a good excuse. One of these days I will get my head screwed on right and post regularly no matter what is happening in this C-R-A-Z-Y life of mine! My excuse is actually quite least for me! My awesome hubbie and I are taking a 17 day vacation to Costa Rica next week....sans KIDS!!!   Since we got home from the cabin life just sorta errupted in busyness, my husband is working crazy hours along with the start of the basketball season for my oldest daughter, which we so nicely volunteered to coach..three nights a week! What were we thinking?! Oh yeah...investing time and memories into our kids lives..that's right I almost forgot! Add in a snowmachine race this weekend which equals alot of wrenching in the garage until all hours of the night, and yes the packing and preparations to leave on a jet plane! Whew! I am freaking out a little just typing all of this. Ok on to where you all come in, because of flight schedules we are taking a long layover in Houston, and then visiting my girlfriend in Seattle for a night. I would love to here from any of you who have been to any one of these three destinations. Thrift shopping in Seattle or Houston...WHERE? Costa Rico info anyone? Where to stay and what to do in Houston? Any info would be most appreciated!

**I will have internet while there so I plan to check into Just my Style for a few style posts...beach style! I am also hoping to document the entire trip daily on my personal blog, wackypepperds, which will be updated soon!



  1. I am not to far from Houston. It does depend on how long your here for. What airport? Bush or Hobby? Depending on how long your in town there is...The Museum of Natural Science or History(can't remember), which has an I-max theatre inside and is right next door to the Houston Zoo. There is Space Center Houston which is probably closer to Hobby airport. Galveston is about a 60 mile drive from Houston and has Moody Gardens and the beach of course...what else? The Aquarium restaraunt in downtown Houston is cool and there is The Houston Aquarium next door....let me know if you need more info, I'll check back!:)

  2. I live in Seattle and really like the thrift shops on the north side of town. "Labels" on Greenwood Ave and "Consign Design" in Ballard are my two go-to spots. Both consignment stores so the prices aren't rock bottom, but they have some great stuff. The University District has 3-4 thrift shops on University Way - the main strip. Its the college part of town so the selection is pretty trendy and eclectic. Have fun! Jenny

  3. wow, how exciting! have a great vacation danielle!

  4. Hey, I have been to Costa Rica about 10-15 times in the last 25 years.
    The capital San Jose, It looks pretty much the same as it did 15 years ago.
    People are extremely nice, really - i'm not sure what you are into but they have certain things that most people like, such as the volcano and the outdoor activities....

  5. Welcome to Houston! (well, once you get here, ofcourse! LOL!) Here is a link to some thrift stores in the area. But I agree with Sarina, what you can/will do is Houston will depend on how long of a layover you have...I'm sure you've heard or maybe know, that your drive time (coupled with traffic) can be HORRIFIC at times! BUT, if you are able to get around, check out some of these stores:
    If you only have time for one store, my vote would be for Value Village Super Store: 311 19th St, Houston, TX 77008 in Houston!! GREAT prices and if you're willing to look around, GREAT finds!

  6. The Houston Aquarium next door....let me know if you need more info, I'll check back!:)

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  7. Oh... My fiance and I had a 7 hour layover in Houston last month on our way down to South America.. I wish I could help but we found it to be one of the worst airports ever with not much going on around it either...

    We went to Costa Rica in February. You cannot miss Arenal. If you haven't already booked hotels, I HIGHLY recommend this one:

    It was insanely beautiful. We had an outdoor shower and tub that came with our room which was immaculately decorated and modern, with a view of the volcano!

    We also absolutely loved this hotel if you're looking for a secluded, romantic hotel up in the jungle forest... We ziplined here and it was unbelievable!!

    GOOD LUCK! Costa Rica is a beautiful beautiful place!!


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