Friday, October 21, 2011

“Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself. Harvey Fierstein

{JMS} October 2011white beach dress, jean jacket{JMS} October 2011

Hi Friends!

I'm still alive!

Life has almost swallowed me whole but not quite. We have been such busy bees these past few weeks.

Snow is still eluding us here in the great north. I am quite anxious for it to arrive. We usually have ice on the lakes and some ground cover by now but I am thankful for the beautiful and extended Fall season that we have had. These pics are about a month ago but I loved this outfit so much I had to share. I can't wait to wear this dress on a romantic beach stroll after a fantastic dinner date with my love. HaHa! A girl can dream right! :)

I am planning on doing my first vlog soon for a fantastic product review that I love so much I don't think that I can adequately express how awesome it is through text... I need to talk to you!  If there are any burning question you have for me I'd love to answer those on the video as well! Send your questions my way!

Dress: American Eagle
Jacket: Banana Republic....(thrifted)
Shoes: Target....(clearance)
Aviators: Ray-Ban
Watch and bangles: Target

{JMS} October 2011

Monday, August 29, 2011

Instagram Party! {2}

I may be late to this party... but I'm here! 

I am linking up with Ashley over at a {little} dash of ash today  for the Instagram party!

Check it out and Link up!

Coffee, blogs, and a CUPCAKE?!??!
Could a morning get any better? 
I think not.....

A table full of my own little pretties... cut fresh every few days!
I'm gonna miss this when the snow flies. 
Flowers brighten any day!

The true sign that fall has arrived! The Fair came to town! 

Few things signify the fair for me... Desert...

The Lumberjack show...

*Living in the same town my entire 31 years of existence has allowed me to visit this exact fair every year of my life. This show has been a yearly tradition... The skit is the exact same as 31 years ago but that is what makes it sooooo much better for me. I could recite it with the lumberjacks! It is also a family owned show and so I have seen some of the same lumberjacks come back year after year.

and of course no fair would be complete with the Ferris Wheel!

Thanks for hosting Ashley!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

“Happiness is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of traveling." ~Anonymous

{JMS} August 27th 2011{JMS} August 27th 2011{JMS} Aug 27th 2011

I wore this little number the other day to church. This was my intro into Autumn. I really love summer but the first time I get to slip back into my boots it feels home. I have recently jumped on the Pinterest train (LOVE IT...soooo addicting!) and I've noticed that boots and fall seem to be "my style" I am drawn to the comfy chic look. Pinterest has also helped me to realize I am a type A personality trapped in another body...HA! I seem to bookmark ALOT of built in organizational items for my "dream home". Funny how I'm not that organized in real life! A girl's gotta have goals right?!!???

What look are you drawn too?

Tunic: ? thrifted
Cardigan: Marshalls
Leggings: Gap
Knee-High socks: Target
Boots: Frye....thrifted!!!

{JMS} Aug 27th 2011

In my home: Instagram display

Hello my name is Danielle and I'm an Instagramaholic.....

These sweet little squares or instas' as I like to call them have integrated themselves into my everyday life and I LOVE it! They have become a way for me to record and remember the "grace moments" in my life. When I started taking all of these pictures I was a little bummed about not being able to have an easy way to display them. They are somehow different than that of a regular photo, they have a certain raw quality to them. Photos are staged and posed or very thought through in most cases but these Instas' are fly by the seat of your pants photos and I enjoy the reality and honesty in the small everyday moments they capture.

ENTER Postalpix:  Browsing blogs the other day I found this link to Postalpix. It is yet another free app to download that allows you to order pictures directly from your phone. It is sooooo easy and the 4x4 squares are incredibly reasonably priced! I have ordered twice now. They offer  two sizes in the squares, 4x4 and 5x5. They will also put you square on a thin piece of aluminum for around $8.00 and it can be a treasured magnet. I'm thinking Christmas presents for the grandparents!!! A few more sizes are available in standard sizes. The price of the 4x4 is so reasonable that I don't mind ordering every couple weeks, I believe I just ordered 13 prints last night and with the whopping $.94 shipping charge it came to less then $5! Money well spent!!!

I have our pictures displayed on one of those "word statues"on top of our TV cabinet in the main room. I have seen them come in many phrases, and they seem to be an item commonly sold. It has tiny clips on the back so it was a quick and easy way to display them, plus it's easy to change it up with newer instas'.

A few photos of my display...

***I am not affiliated or endorsed by any products or companies mentioned here. These are my own personal opinions.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Good Friends, Old Friends, Good Eats, Good Times.....

Cheers to good food and great company!

Going back to our mini vacay to Washington, I was able to squeeze in an afternoon with my "lifetime" bestie! We have known each other 20 plus years!!! It is one of those friendships in my life that nothing will ever be able separate. We were very best friends throughout high school, we laughed together, cried together, stood by each other and really understood each other. I can honestly say that apart from my husband there is nobody that I have ever let into my heart more than this girl. I miss her like crazy and though life has taken us to completely different realms of life, (she lives in Seattle as partner and co-owner of her own law firm, unmarried with no children, and I living in a small town as a SAHM of three kids) she still remains one of my best friends.  She actually moved away our senior year in high school, and we have been able to see each other in person at least every couple years.

It was a beautiful day in Seattle, one of the first they'd had all year I was told so when she asked for requests on what to do I said, "eat, enjoy the sun, and spend time with you." She nailed it perfectly and took us to this oceanfront restaurant. It also happened to be Happy Hour and all of the appetizers were only $5 each. We decided on a smorgasbord picnic and pretty much ordered the entire menu! This last pic (yes I know I didn't get the depth of field right for all of you photogs out there but you get the picture)  was my absolute favorite, they were an Ahi Nacho and they were so tasty we actually put in an order for another plate! YUM! Taila's beau met us there and upon leaving we documented all being together.

Landin couldn't resist the neat climbing tree!

Afterwards we decided that ice cream was in order so Adam (Taila's beau) suggested a frozen yogurt place that was actually a gigantic buffet! I LOVED IT! I so wish we had one of these places in Alaska! You payed by the pound and it was actually pretty cheap comparably to going out for ice cream here. I realize this is probably old news for all of you who live "down in the states" but humor me here!

This was my before and after...Look at all the yummy goodness! I had to cover it all up...Do you know what the top picture looks like?!?!?!!!  HA!

It was a perfect afternoon! Thanks Taila and Adam for your hospitality! Until next time....

**Bonus style points for you if you realized that I took my pants off throughout the day... :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"Change is inevitable - except from a vending machine." ~Robert C. Gallagher

{JMS} Aug, 23rd 2011{JMS} Aug, 23rd 2011{JMS} Aug, 23rd 2011

I wore this yesterday to a coffee date with an old friend. It's amazing to me that when in a comfortable conversation hours can pass by before you know it. We spent 2.5 hours in the Target Starbucks! It doesn't even matter what you're talking about, it could be the most mundane subject but with a great friend it is always enjoyable. As I get older it is more evident that great and true friends are precious and hard to come by. I will cherish the friends I have and wait patiently for the next ones.

Pants: I have no idea... I wore the heck outa these while pregnant! Come to think of it I think my maternity         pics were taken in these!
Tee: Target... I tried the half tuck trend...not sure if I liked it or not..still on the fence.
What do you think?
Necklace: Target
Shoes: Target

{JMS} Aug. 23rd 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says "I'm possible"!" ~ Audrey Hepburn

I wore this ensemble the other day to my eldest daughter's meet and greet at school, and then around town to run a few errands for Jeremy's hunting trip, then finished the evening off with a yummy mexican family dinner at our favorite restaurant in town. Gotta love free chips and salsa! Looking at these photos I probably could have spruced it up with a belt but I was really loving the comfort factor on that particular day. I can also see the atrocious amount of wrinkles but considering I don't even own an iron a few wrinkles ever so often isn't so bad. I loathe ironing, UGH, spare me the nightmares now! Not exactly sure why, but I think it may have something to do with an emergency trip to Nordstom minutes before the company (formal) Christmas party, parking illegally in the handicapped spot, (I still feel guilty)sprinting into the store in a formal gown and buying a new shirt for dear husband because his shirt, which matched perfectly with my dress I might add, now had GIANT hole and melted spot the exact shape of an iron...It wasn't pretty.  I stick to the tried and true wet washcloth in the dryer trick these days. If that doesn't work, Jeremy's grandma lives 2 miles from my house and she will gladly iron for me. (spoiled alert!)

I bought this dress along with another skirt from Tania over at What Would a Nerd Wear. She cleaned out her closet in preparation for her move to Washington DC and I was the lucky recipient of two items! I absolutely adore this dress.  The perfect mix of dressed up and down!

Dress: What Would a Nerd Wear (moving sale!)
Flats: Steve Madden (ebay)
Bucket Hat: Target (super clearance...$3)

*Lipstick: MAC Russian Red

Monday, August 22, 2011

Instagram Link Party!

Happy Monday lovelies!
I have already expressed my love and/or obsession for Instagram so when I stumbled upon an Instagram link up party over at a {little} dash of ash I immediately wanted to hop on the bandwagon!

This is me hoppin'~

I actually didn't take to many instas' (my own little made up word for those adorable little squares of beautifully edited goodness) this week but the ones I did take all reflected the last days of summer. Summer comes and goes extra fast here in Alaska. The leaves are already starting to turn and fall, there is fresh snow on the mountaintops and a certain nip in the air. I am ready for fall (read:brown leather boots) and the (gasp should I say it) holiday season to arrive, but we are trying to savor the last bits of summer before it's gone....

The big iron...Jeremy had an odd job to finish up here in town, while it was a bummer to take our weekend away, it sure was fun to be able to visit him on the job and help him run equipment. Landin especially loved it!

The kids new source of great fun while over at Nana and Papa's house is to head to the train tracks that are nearby and greet the passenger trains full of tourists with enthusiastic waves and smiles. This particular night we even got a WAHOO from a  nice gentleman. 

One of my favorite things to drink on a sunny day is white wine with frozen fruit floating around in it. I am not sure what I enjoy most, the fact that it looks so festive and summery, the wine, or the fruit afterward. My mom has this adorable little pot of delicate flowers on the outside table. 
If this doesn't look like summer to me, I don't know what does!

Hatchers Pass is one of my favorite scenic drives. I am so blessed to have this beautiful place just miles from our house. The Little Susitna river runs down through this mountain and it is breathtaking. I am quite partial to this area because Jeremy proposed to me on one of those rocks in the middle of the river. It was perfect. I re-live the memories each time I take the drive. 

These were the cupcakes that I made for Lainie's ninth birthday. Happy little sunshine's to match her cheerful and upbeat personality!

With the end of summer brings hunting season, and with hunting season a lot of flying is to be done. I  love how the black and white came out. I took this as Jeremy and his hunting partner were loading up our plane to spend an extended weekend in the wilderness. 

I hope you enjoyed the party! Come back next week, same blog time, same blog channel! Hehe.....I'm a dork.
 Hop on over to Ash's place and check out all the other fabulous instas'!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Over the Weekend...

Over the Weekend!

Hiya folks!
Just a quick drop in, I am basking in the glow of an empty house this weekend!
Jeremy is of sheep hunting for the extended weekend and the kids are over at Nana and Papa's house. That means that I may or may not have:

stayed in my pajamas all day
watched Jane Erye in bed while eating a panini and doritos at 10:00pm
taken walks to the coffee shop
finished and organized blog posts
bought my first pair of jeggings...idk whether to be excited or scared
read my bible, studied, prayed and spent uninterrupted time with Jesus
cleaned the garage
sipped wine and nibbled bed
took a nap
started a new book, The Help
cleaned out my Google Reader
contemplated taking out the camera and trying tripod/self-timer shots
reflected on how much I love my family

It has been a lovely and much needed stay cation for myself.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mini Vacay! Washougal WA. AMA PRO National MX

***Warning*** Seriously heavy picture post.

A few weeks back Jeremy came home and nonchalantly mentioned that a friend had called and was headed down to Washougal, Washington the next weekend to watch his son race at the Professional AMA Motorcross races. We have known this friend for years and watched him and his wife support, train and follow Ben and his dream of becoming a Pro Rider for the past 19 years. After racing as a privateer for a couple years, Ben  recently was asked to ride for the MotoConcepts team! YaY! Go Ben! After mentioning that Gene was headed down Jeremy also added, "We should go and take Landin!" Me, being the first to jump on travel eagerly said "I'll book it!" And it was so...

It was a whirlwind of a trip. We left on Wednesday night and arrived in Seattle at 2:00am. I figured it would be easiest to just grab a cheap hotel across the street, beings that we would only be there for a few hours until we could rent the car and begin the three hour drive down to Washougal. WRONG! BAD CHOICE!Note to self, It is always worth the extra $30 when talking cheap hotels. Let's just say that Jeremy did not undress and did not sleep under the covers that night...EWWWW! We quickly showered,took the shuttle to the car rental place, grabbed a starbucks and headed out. I love road trips, there is just something about the road, snacks, long conversations, tunes from the radio, and the anticipation of your destination! We made it to Washougal and much to our dismay it was POURING rain. I had been checking the weather all week and my little iphone weather forecast said SUN, SUN, and more SUN! I of course am gullible and believed every bit of it which resulted in the decision to only pack shorts and t-shirts. No coats or even sweatshirts! I never claimed to be the smartest gal! We stopped to say our Hello's to Ben and Gene and then promptly found the nearest REI for an emergency shopping trip. We found our way into Portand but only Thanks to my mother in law and the GPS system she loaned us. Holy Navigation!! That little thing saved our bacon more times than I could count! I vow never to travel without one again!

After getting properly dressed we went out to Portland International Raceway for a small local race that Ben was racing in. It was so much fun. The last moto's were raced under the lights! Yummy corn dogs and snuggles from my two best boys in the stands made for a beautiful night! I didn't take many pics due to my camera battery being dead but here is a link to a site that posted lots of photos of the night. We left high and giddy on excitement, adrenaline, and the sweet aroma of two strokes.

The next day we slept in a bit, and then made our way to the race track. When we got there the amateur races were going on and we were able to walk the track with Ben and Gene. The tack and grounds were beautiful. The trees were massive and to actually see a large outdoor MX track was super fun! Landin was in was his Dad...and Mom!

Washougal MX 2011 002

Washougal MX 2011 003

Washougal MX 2011 011

The sun that I was anticipating finally did come out and it was HOT! We spent the day at the track and checking out all of the giant Team Semi trucks. Later that night we went to an autograph signing session in Portland. The venue for it was HUGE, I've never seen a dealership that big! They had gotten a large number of the teams together including Villapoto and Dunge! Landin had a blast and is now the proud owner of a very autographed hat.

Washougal MX 2011 024

Washougal MX 2011 031

Washougal MX 2011 036

Washougal MX 2011 065

Washougal MX 2011 069

The next morning we woke up bright and early, (grabbed a Starbucks...of course, DUH!) and headed to the track only to be met with INSANE traffic. We arrived just as Ben was lining up for his first practice moto.
Washougal MX 2011 093

Washougal MX 2011 111

We were also fortunate enough to be able to meet up with the Carlson' crew! It was so nice to be able to see them all. Jeremy's sister and her family moved away about a year ago so it was an added bonus to the trip! There were SOOOO many people there and it was an insanely hot beautiful day out. Tami and Jason have 5 kiddos and we had Landin so it made for careful navigation through the crowds but they were all so awesome, we had no problems.

Washougal MX 2011 193

Washougal MX 2011 210

We wandered around, ate corn dogs and cotton candy, got completely filthy, cheered Ben on, and Had a blast! We have decided that this need to be an annual event. I'm thinking a super cross is in order for next year...Las Vegas or Anaheim...Hmmmmm.

Washougal MX 2011 228

Washougal MX 2011 247

Washougal MX 2011 223

Washougal MX 2011 367

Landin almost melted by the end of the day but he bounced back quickly, it was nothing that an ice cold drink, food, (remember the cotton candy earlier) and some baby wipes couldn't take care of. This pic cracks me up!
Washougal MX 2011 454

After the races we wandered back into the pit area and was able to take some pictures with (most importantly according to Landin) Ben, and Chad Reed.
Washougal MX 2011 561
Landin with Ben's bike! #526

Washougal MX 2011 560
Chad Reed
Washougal MX 2011 564
Landin and Ben LaMay #526

Ben and Gene, Thank you so much for your kindness and hospitality! We had a BLAST!

Ben,kick butt and take names the rest of the season!

Thanks Jeremy for taking us on a quick trip! Love ya! MUAH! You are the BESTEST!

Landin, Mom and Dad had such a great time with just our "pal"! Thank You!

Tami, Jason and kiddos, it was so great to see you all! Hugs and Misses.

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