Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says "I'm possible"!" ~ Audrey Hepburn

I wore this ensemble the other day to my eldest daughter's meet and greet at school, and then around town to run a few errands for Jeremy's hunting trip, then finished the evening off with a yummy mexican family dinner at our favorite restaurant in town. Gotta love free chips and salsa! Looking at these photos I probably could have spruced it up with a belt but I was really loving the comfort factor on that particular day. I can also see the atrocious amount of wrinkles but considering I don't even own an iron a few wrinkles ever so often isn't so bad. I loathe ironing, UGH, spare me the nightmares now! Not exactly sure why, but I think it may have something to do with an emergency trip to Nordstom minutes before the company (formal) Christmas party, parking illegally in the handicapped spot, (I still feel guilty)sprinting into the store in a formal gown and buying a new shirt for dear husband because his shirt, which matched perfectly with my dress I might add, now had GIANT hole and melted spot the exact shape of an iron...It wasn't pretty.  I stick to the tried and true wet washcloth in the dryer trick these days. If that doesn't work, Jeremy's grandma lives 2 miles from my house and she will gladly iron for me. (spoiled alert!)

I bought this dress along with another skirt from Tania over at What Would a Nerd Wear. She cleaned out her closet in preparation for her move to Washington DC and I was the lucky recipient of two items! I absolutely adore this dress.  The perfect mix of dressed up and down!

Dress: What Would a Nerd Wear (moving sale!)
Flats: Steve Madden (ebay)
Bucket Hat: Target (super clearance...$3)

*Lipstick: MAC Russian Red

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  1. I found your blog months ago and identified with your style so much that I went back and perused months and months of your posts.  And then it was like you just disappeared!  LOL  So when you popped up on my reader again, I had to do a double take...I thought, "Wait a minute.  She looks familiar!"  So glad you're back and still looking WONDERFUL!  ~Serene


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