Wednesday, August 3, 2011

An afternoon in Instagram.

Mondays are usually catch up day in this house. We generally don't make plans for Mondays besides put away weekend stuff and spruce up and clean the house a little more thoroughly than other days. The kids were working especially hard this particular Monday and so we decided we needed an intermission to all of our hard work. After our finger food picnic lunch and a bit of arm wrestling we embarked on a walk....

I Love You!

This is what I look like in full on stay at home chore mode...glamorous isn't it. Man, I love this kid, looking at this photo, I can hear his giggles and grunts. So sweet, thank you Jesus for the gift of laughter.

It started out with bike tricks that didn't end so well..... he wasn't hurt, mostly mad that I had captured it on film and that Lexi had "popped big on his pegs" and "flew him off his bike". 

Made our way to the coffee shop. A walk isn't a walk without a stop for ice cream or it?
Sweet shot of my babes... They are all laughing because Landin just randomly hollered over his shoulder to the stranger walking by that his mom was crazy! He then added it was because I liked to take to many pictures of them. I guess I do, but I keep telling them they will appreciate it someday. How's that for old lady mom talk.... HA! 
On to the BMX dirt track where we all cheered Landin on. He would stop for the occasional pit stop and get refueled with water and fruit snacks.

Little dirty hands...could anything look much sweeter?  We found a small roadside wild strawberry patch, so we stopped to harvest some for dinner.
We had such a fun time, made priceless memories and the thing is that it only took an hour out of our day. I am reminded not to get caught up in my daily to-do list and focus some energy on what is most important and what makes me most fulfilled. The sights and sounds of three happy kids is a very fulfilling feeling.

.....and for your viewing pleasure, Lexi's zombie possessed face.....:)

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