Thursday, August 25, 2011

Good Friends, Old Friends, Good Eats, Good Times.....

Cheers to good food and great company!

Going back to our mini vacay to Washington, I was able to squeeze in an afternoon with my "lifetime" bestie! We have known each other 20 plus years!!! It is one of those friendships in my life that nothing will ever be able separate. We were very best friends throughout high school, we laughed together, cried together, stood by each other and really understood each other. I can honestly say that apart from my husband there is nobody that I have ever let into my heart more than this girl. I miss her like crazy and though life has taken us to completely different realms of life, (she lives in Seattle as partner and co-owner of her own law firm, unmarried with no children, and I living in a small town as a SAHM of three kids) she still remains one of my best friends.  She actually moved away our senior year in high school, and we have been able to see each other in person at least every couple years.

It was a beautiful day in Seattle, one of the first they'd had all year I was told so when she asked for requests on what to do I said, "eat, enjoy the sun, and spend time with you." She nailed it perfectly and took us to this oceanfront restaurant. It also happened to be Happy Hour and all of the appetizers were only $5 each. We decided on a smorgasbord picnic and pretty much ordered the entire menu! This last pic (yes I know I didn't get the depth of field right for all of you photogs out there but you get the picture)  was my absolute favorite, they were an Ahi Nacho and they were so tasty we actually put in an order for another plate! YUM! Taila's beau met us there and upon leaving we documented all being together.

Landin couldn't resist the neat climbing tree!

Afterwards we decided that ice cream was in order so Adam (Taila's beau) suggested a frozen yogurt place that was actually a gigantic buffet! I LOVED IT! I so wish we had one of these places in Alaska! You payed by the pound and it was actually pretty cheap comparably to going out for ice cream here. I realize this is probably old news for all of you who live "down in the states" but humor me here!

This was my before and after...Look at all the yummy goodness! I had to cover it all up...Do you know what the top picture looks like?!?!?!!!  HA!

It was a perfect afternoon! Thanks Taila and Adam for your hospitality! Until next time....

**Bonus style points for you if you realized that I took my pants off throughout the day... :)


  1. What a fun day! You must have gotten so lucky with the weather! I've heard it's not always so sunny in Seattle! 

  2. My friends from high school are still the people who know me best despite the differences in lifestyles.

  3. Thanks for visiting! It's funny how some people can make such an impact on your life even years later!

  4. Oh man we had a blast....and sunburn! :) Im craving frozen yogurt though.


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