Monday, August 1, 2011

Obsessed with Instagram.

I will admit that in the course of a week (give or take) I have become completely obsessed and in love with Instagram and the beautiful pictures it allows me to create in an instant. Indiana over at Adored Austin jokingly tweeted last night that someday we will all need a program to UN-instagram our pictures! HAHA! I think she may be right.

 Instagram has inspired me to not only THINK about the Grace Moments in my life but CAPTURE them. Jen over at jenloveskev shared this link the other day. I can't wait to order some up for myself. Iwant to create a board of some sort like she did to serve as a reminder of ALL the moments of my life and how grateful I am for each one.

A few snaps from the weekend....

**All of these are from the weekend except for Jeremy. He was just to studly not to share. :)

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