Monday, August 22, 2011

Instagram Link Party!

Happy Monday lovelies!
I have already expressed my love and/or obsession for Instagram so when I stumbled upon an Instagram link up party over at a {little} dash of ash I immediately wanted to hop on the bandwagon!

This is me hoppin'~

I actually didn't take to many instas' (my own little made up word for those adorable little squares of beautifully edited goodness) this week but the ones I did take all reflected the last days of summer. Summer comes and goes extra fast here in Alaska. The leaves are already starting to turn and fall, there is fresh snow on the mountaintops and a certain nip in the air. I am ready for fall (read:brown leather boots) and the (gasp should I say it) holiday season to arrive, but we are trying to savor the last bits of summer before it's gone....

The big iron...Jeremy had an odd job to finish up here in town, while it was a bummer to take our weekend away, it sure was fun to be able to visit him on the job and help him run equipment. Landin especially loved it!

The kids new source of great fun while over at Nana and Papa's house is to head to the train tracks that are nearby and greet the passenger trains full of tourists with enthusiastic waves and smiles. This particular night we even got a WAHOO from a  nice gentleman. 

One of my favorite things to drink on a sunny day is white wine with frozen fruit floating around in it. I am not sure what I enjoy most, the fact that it looks so festive and summery, the wine, or the fruit afterward. My mom has this adorable little pot of delicate flowers on the outside table. 
If this doesn't look like summer to me, I don't know what does!

Hatchers Pass is one of my favorite scenic drives. I am so blessed to have this beautiful place just miles from our house. The Little Susitna river runs down through this mountain and it is breathtaking. I am quite partial to this area because Jeremy proposed to me on one of those rocks in the middle of the river. It was perfect. I re-live the memories each time I take the drive. 

These were the cupcakes that I made for Lainie's ninth birthday. Happy little sunshine's to match her cheerful and upbeat personality!

With the end of summer brings hunting season, and with hunting season a lot of flying is to be done. I  love how the black and white came out. I took this as Jeremy and his hunting partner were loading up our plane to spend an extended weekend in the wilderness. 

I hope you enjoyed the party! Come back next week, same blog time, same blog channel! Hehe.....I'm a dork.
 Hop on over to Ash's place and check out all the other fabulous instas'!


  1. Love all your photos!!! thanks for joining in :)  See you next week!!!

  2. wow I guess your summer is really short up there!  That river looks soooo pretty!  And I know this is off topic- but I LOVE your photo in your blog header!!

  3. Thanks! I love it too! I was actually just goofing off on the beach but when I saw it I immediately thought...BLOG HEADER! It kind of represents the kind of life I'd like to lead, finding excitement and joy in all the times of my life. We can always find something to be happy about right!

  4. Thanks again for hosting! I'll see you next week!


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