Monday, August 29, 2011

Instagram Party! {2}

I may be late to this party... but I'm here! 

I am linking up with Ashley over at a {little} dash of ash today  for the Instagram party!

Check it out and Link up!

Coffee, blogs, and a CUPCAKE?!??!
Could a morning get any better? 
I think not.....

A table full of my own little pretties... cut fresh every few days!
I'm gonna miss this when the snow flies. 
Flowers brighten any day!

The true sign that fall has arrived! The Fair came to town! 

Few things signify the fair for me... Desert...

The Lumberjack show...

*Living in the same town my entire 31 years of existence has allowed me to visit this exact fair every year of my life. This show has been a yearly tradition... The skit is the exact same as 31 years ago but that is what makes it sooooo much better for me. I could recite it with the lumberjacks! It is also a family owned show and so I have seen some of the same lumberjacks come back year after year.

and of course no fair would be complete with the Ferris Wheel!

Thanks for hosting Ashley!


  1. Looks like a fun time. I love Dip'n Dots. :)

  2. How cute! I love those flowers in the vases!

  3. How awesome is Instagram! I'm seriously addicted ... And I'm so with you in the deserts at the fair. In fact, I find myself eating myself around anyhere I go on the weekend ... The fair, the market, the mall.
    BTW just dropping by to say hi from the Indie Blogger conference (yep, only getting round to it now!). Would be lovely if you could drop by my blog  & say hi ...
    Have a beautiful weekend!
    Kelly xo
    Elegantly Academic

  4. thanks for linking up!! love your photos! :)
    xo, ashley

  5. Great blog!
    You have a new follower :)

    Stop by - Where are my keys?

  6. Cool story! Cool pictures!
    I just thinking to create similar post like yours with my instagram.
    Thank you so much!


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