Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sunshine and fun.....

Having a great time.... Check out our adventures over at!
Monkeys, lizards, waterfalls, and even a cattle drive!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Pura Vida!!!

We are finally starting to settle into life here on vacation. Costa Rica is NOTHING like what we are used to or were expecting. We usually travel in Mexico, which we love. Costa Rica has taken a bit of getting used to, we have had to stop and realize that we are thankful to be able to take a vacation together in the first place. That said, we probably will never come back to Costa Rica but we are taking advantage of the special quiet time we are spending with each other. Our mornings are lazy, our afternoons are leisurly, and our evenings are spent chatting away over a glass of wine and ahi. It is it's own kind of paradise. Wardrobe is not to up front in my mind while here but I wanted to check in and say hello anyways.

More pics on my personal blog.....

Sunday, January 17, 2010

We made it to Costa Rica!

I am realizing that a tropical wardrobe is not all that exiting. It doesn't take much here! Shorts and a tank is plenty! I have a few sundresses and jumpsuits to throw into the mix, so stay tuned. I was not able to snap a picture of my travel outfit but I took advice from the blogosphere and wore a maxi dress with a thin cardi, and a scarf for warmth and style. It was fabulous...the perfect traveling outfit. I felt totally put together but also very comfortable at the same time. I also wore flip flops and carried a pair of cozy socks with me for the airplane. Perfection I tell ya...perfection!
We are trying to gather our bearings down here, 20 hours of travel, and unknown territory takes a little adjustment. I will post here a bit but if you want to see our trip day by day, adventure by adventure, check out my personal blog as I am updating it daily.

until next time...Pura Vida!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I need info.....

Serious lack of posting going on here at Just my Style. Once again, I have a good excuse. One of these days I will get my head screwed on right and post regularly no matter what is happening in this C-R-A-Z-Y life of mine! My excuse is actually quite least for me! My awesome hubbie and I are taking a 17 day vacation to Costa Rica next week....sans KIDS!!!   Since we got home from the cabin life just sorta errupted in busyness, my husband is working crazy hours along with the start of the basketball season for my oldest daughter, which we so nicely volunteered to coach..three nights a week! What were we thinking?! Oh yeah...investing time and memories into our kids lives..that's right I almost forgot! Add in a snowmachine race this weekend which equals alot of wrenching in the garage until all hours of the night, and yes the packing and preparations to leave on a jet plane! Whew! I am freaking out a little just typing all of this. Ok on to where you all come in, because of flight schedules we are taking a long layover in Houston, and then visiting my girlfriend in Seattle for a night. I would love to here from any of you who have been to any one of these three destinations. Thrift shopping in Seattle or Houston...WHERE? Costa Rico info anyone? Where to stay and what to do in Houston? Any info would be most appreciated!

**I will have internet while there so I plan to check into Just my Style for a few style posts...beach style! I am also hoping to document the entire trip daily on my personal blog, wackypepperds, which will be updated soon!


Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy 2010!

Wow! Can you all believe it is 2010? So much has happened and so much more to happen, I can't wait. I find myself looking forward to this year more than ever. I have so many plans for the year reguarding my life, family and this blog...more on that later! I just wanted to check in and shout out a little hello to all of you lovlies. My absence from blogland could not be helped, for the fam and I were out in the woods ringing in the New Year. Her is what we have been up to....

Sledding down the mountain filling my face and sports bra with snow...BRRR!

Pretty trees

A few snowshoeing hikes... hot chocolate always to follow.

Dinner...cabin style
 less dishes the better!

Moonlit mountains, frozen creekbeds, and starry nights.....

Self portrait... sans the makeup.

Here's to a great 2010!
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