Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring has not sprung...

just my style 009
just my style 012
just my style 011
Up here in Alaska we are still getting forecasts of snow, so while I see all you other fashion bloggers putting away your winter duds, sadly mine are still in full swing.

Jeans: wide leg Hudson's
Blouse: Banana Republic (on sale)
Sweater: Victoria's Secret (I LOVE this color)
Tank: Old navy
Belt: Target (worn backwards)
Necklace: Clearance at Target
Rings: (diamond) Hubby 10 years ago:)
(ivory) The Buckle (coconut) Mexico
Boots: Frye (I also LOVE these...hence the featured photo)
Bag: Target
I will be at bible study this morning, more errands this afternoon, maybe coffee with my girlfriend, and then I will probably change into my cleaning house attire until I go pick up kids at school. UGH...

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