Friday, May 11, 2012


Hi All!

Have no fear, I didn't disappear again, I was just here for nine days enjoying tranquility and cocktails with my LOVE!

Hubster and I were able to get away for a mixed business and pleasure trip to Aruba! We had such a great time. I am so thankful for airplanes that take me to beautiful places, and for hottie husbands to share them with.

Spring is finally peeking its head out here in AK, almost all of the snow is gone and I am SO SO SO excited for summer! One week of school left and the Pepperd house will be footloose and fancy free! Holla!

Kids home also = more outfit posts given the fact I have daylight and photographers!! YAY!

I have some posts coming up soon but right now this mamma is getting her head above water. I'll leave you with a few grace moments...

Today I am blessed....

  • TGIF....Hello!
  • All my babies so excited to have their mommy and daddy home! lotsa snuggles going on over here!
  • Hubster and I's beautifully bronzed bodies!
  • The fact that I chose to love my body in a bikini (Totally rocked my confident self proudly) the entire time I was in ARUBA even though I've gained more pounds than I'd like this winter.....
  • my own couch, bed and coffee cup after a trip....
  • getting caught up on bloglovin
  • baby girl #2's first track meet tomorrow!
  • nobody in our house has the flu!!!!
May your days be blessed...
much love

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