Friday, May 8, 2009


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I am so glad it is Friday! We are headed to a "fly in" in Valdez tonight. We own a small plane and once a year Valdez hosts a fly in where hundreds of small planes from all over Alaska fly in and hang out. There are also vendors and a take off/landing competition. It's about a 1.5 hour flight away and the whole family is going. I've never flown to Valdez so I'm exited about the new scenery.

I scored this shirt at a thrift store last week! I wandered a little longer and found the belt...PERFECT MATCH! I walked out spending a whopping $3.50!!! I love the sleeves and the springy print.

Jeans: J-Crew
Blouse: Earthly Treasures...thrifted $3
Belt: Earthly Treasures...thrifted...$.50
Shoes: Frye
Necklace:Cookie Lee

My 6 year old's "Readers Theatre" in the morning, a few errands, and them home to pack for the weekend!

****If I miss posting until Monday, All of you AWESOME moms out there


  1. What a find! That shirt looks great on you.

    I don't think I mentioned this before, but I like your new hair.I think you made the right choice.

  2. What a steal-- and it's adorable too!

  3. Great colors and shape on you! Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day!

  4. OMG, LOVE the shirt!!! What an awesome find. Have a fun time tonight (sounds fun - I had never heard of a Fly In before) and Happy Mother's Day to you!

  5. I love the top, it looks great on you :)

  6. Love the kimono top with the belt... great finds!

  7. WOW!! $3.50 is AWESOME!! And I love all the colors in your top. Your night sounds so FUN. Have a great time and HAPPY MOM'S DAY TO YOU:)

  8. You make jeans look awesome! Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day!

  9. The shirt, the belt, the colors are all perfect, love the sleeves too! Have a Happy Mothers Day!

  10. I don't know if you've already been tagged, but I tagged you for the prom pictures thing that is going around.

  11. You look gorgeous. Now I want to go thrifting.


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