Saturday, June 27, 2009

just my style: fishing

June 2009 041June 2009 059

I just had to share my fishing pics. I don't look very fashionable, but I do look like I'm having fun and that's all that counts sometimes. We all hopped in the plane last night and flew about an hour from home to a great fishing spot. It was a blast! We all ended up catching a King Salmon and didn't get home until 1:00am (it was still light out)

Alaskan summers, there is nothing like them!

Family Photo: 11:30 pm

June 2009 066


  1. The photo of you all is amazing. And at 11.30pm. You all look so happy.
    Lots of light - my dream.

  2. Would just like to say I am so jealous of your lifestyle and that's one big fish!!
    You always look good btw.

  3. I like your blog, and your look, natural and effortless and just very charming.

    Greetings from Norway :)

  4. What a great family shot! I can't believe that's 11:30. It looks like you all had a wonderful time.

  5. Great pictures! You look lovely...even in fishing clothes. You're family is gorgeous!

  6. wow...look at all those great fish you & your family caught...and 11:30pm and how light it is?? amazing!! maybe i should move to alaska! lol

  7. You do make Alaska look like a tempting place to live. I don't think it would be too much of a stretch for me as I grew up in a small town in MN about an hour from the Canadian border. You always look cute but comfortable. I love your style. It is just my style too. I feel like I am playing at my current style. Not that it is me.

  8. omg, you're so cute, love your classic laid back style, and that last pic of the family is just perfect...


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