Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lovin Life!

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This is a totally new look for me, I have never worn this type of skirt nor paired it with a simple tank but you all pull it off so well I had to try. I think I like it though. A Thank You is in order to all of you fantabulous fashion bloggers out ther for the loads of inspiration you give me. I hope you will forgive me if I "copy" your looks, you just look too dang cute not to try! :)

Seersucker skirt: Target $6
Belt: ?????
Tank: Gap
Necklace: Target
Shoes: Frye

Random errands and chores.
Getting ready to head to the cabin tomorrow for an extended weekend and the Fourth!! WOO-HOO!!!!


  1. Great look on you...I've seen a bunch of fellow bloggers tucking tops into skirts, so I might just have to try it myself. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery right? :)

  2. you look perfectly natural and totally lovely. and very, very happy indeed. lucky you :D

  3. very cute and sassy!! i like that the tank is darker and the skirt is lighter. it's a nice juxtaposition! very flattering!

  4. i love the white skirt. i don't have a white skirt. i am imagining something flowy in white now.

    you're a fab mom! i like your style.

  5. I LOVE that skirt. I like the shape, and it's perfect for summer!

  6. just came across your blog! you are one chic mama! love your blog!

  7. I like the white skirt. I've been looking for one similar to that. What a great price for it too.

  8. I love it; you pull it off beautifully!

  9. you are adorable...what a perfect summer outfit!

  10. U have to do this look more often, U look FAB U LOUS!!


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