Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy is the son whose faith in his mother remains unchallenged.....Louisa May Alcott (1832-1888)

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Wow....I have been totally swamped and therefore a terrible blogger, mucho apologies. 

I put this outfit together and thought it needed something. This tank is my first attempt at "hacking". I only dropped $2 on it at Target so I did what any good blogger would do and grabbed the scissors. While it is not a great DIY project I am fairly pleased with the outcome. Any tips for hacking?

I had to work at the school all day for "picture day" and was not able to go to dollar day at the thrift store...Boo-Hoo! I did pick up the most perfect popcorn knit, puff ball hat last week and am waiting for the weather to cooperate to display it's fabulousness! Stay Tuned!!!

Jeans:Seven for all Mankind
DIY'ed tank: Target
Tee: Target
Cardi wrap: Target
Boots: Uggs
Necklace: Cookie Lee...pendant from Mexico

Picture day at school, meeting at a coffee shop and then back home....
just my style 1791


  1. this is a great outfit! I love your blog

  2. Great hack job. :)

    Question: do you feel that there is a noticable difference between real Uggs and the knockoffs?

    Just curious.

  3. I love this outfit and I think you snipped it just right!

  4. Great job at hacking up the tank! I am not talented at all like that, but I am very impressed when people are. This outfit is SUPER cute!!


  5. Oooh, what a fun last picture! Loving that cardigan and tank! Oh, and thanks for the sweet email!!

  6. cute! could be a cute 'just been attacked by a monster/werewolf' for halloween. okay, that was stupid, but i love it with the drapey wrap cardigan.

  7. very cute outfit. Its my style. and i love that long necklace. it adds so much to the outfit.

  8. i think you did a great hacking job on the shirt! it looks really good over the black. love your boots too. ~joelle

  9. beautiful combination of gray and black. love the funky cut up shirt! so fun! and this pics are fun as well, love the twirling on the last one :)



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