Monday, October 5, 2009

Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired....Robert Frost (1875-1963)

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More fly by blogging...SORRY! I am trying to get caught up today, but by the look of my calendar for the week, I'm pretty swamped this week too. For not having a job, I'm severely busy! Who knew three kids would add up to so much work. HA!! My jeans are more of a vibrant peachy color rather than the pukey peach color that shows up on my computer screen. Maybe it is better on your screen.

Shoes: Frye
Jeans: F21...thrifted...$1...these were picked up on nifty thrifty this week, I just haven't posted it.
Tee: Target
Cardi: J-Crew
Bag: ebay

WHERE: Morning errands, grocery shopping, house chores, doctors appt(THAT appt...hence the low key, easy on, easy off appeal to the outfit), and the list goes on.....
just my style 1763


  1. I love this color palette-- such beautiful fall colors!

  2. Great casual those skinny pants on you!

  3. that purse is just fantastic! and I adore all of the soft and pretty colors that you are working here. So feminine and very autumn. very pretty photos and backgrounds as usual!


  4. That purse is great and I love the color of those pants! Everything flows together so nicely! Great outfit!


  5. what a cute casual outfit! the blue is a great color on you, and i love the pink-ish pants! ~joelle

  6. Love the quote & the outfit!


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