Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Knowledge always demands increase; it is like fire, which must first be kindled by some external agent, but will afterwards always propagate itself." Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)

just my style 033just my style 026just my style 032
Can I be frank with you guys....?
Ok Thanks.


This was one of those days that I was inspired by a look and then as if something came over me I just added a few odds and ends that absolutely in theory do not go but in the end I ended up staring at myself giddily in the mirror loving what I saw more and more each moment....right down to the crazy spiky hair. Tell me this also happens to all of you....ok maybe I'm just crazy. This eclectic crazy mix of patterns, fabrics, and styles even, felt exactly right.  I am this person, I am a crazy mix of all types of things. I love my life and I love living it each day.

The original inspiration came from this new to me blog I stumbled upon about a week ago, Becky is adorable and has a great sense of style. Check her out over at Restless Cookie. Seriously...what would you expect with a fantastic name like that! I fell in love with her lip gloss today... Gimme that!

Slacks: J Crew
Tee: J- Crew
Cardigan: thrifted...nabbed this beauty while thrifting with Gran this past week!
Necklace: Target
Shoes: Steve Madden....gifted

A few errands around town early, then over to the parents house for a friends birthday dinner.

just my style 036

just my style 034


  1. I love this outfit too, super cool , you rock this outfit girl.

  2. Look at you tight rollin those pants. WERK it girl. I love it. It looks very modern with the shoes.

  3. DAMN. I love this, too! As soon as I saw it I started running my wardrobe through my mind to see if I could snag some inspiration!

  4. I'm so flattered! Love that you put your own twist on it. :) Thanks so much.

  5. Can I be frank with you?

    I freakin' LOVE it too! I think its edgy, its cool and its fashion forward. You inspire me to push myself in the style department!


  6. Do you just feel so good when you LOVE your outfit? You look great!! The pictures are awesome.

  7. I freakin' love it too! I can't wait till the temps are below 85 so I can do more layering and wearing of great textures. So flippin' jealous. Plus your pattern and color mixing is genius!!

  8. Spot. On. LOVE this! The cardigan is such the perfect piece - colors and all - to bring this look home. Great job!


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