Thursday, August 26, 2010

"We were born to succeed, not to fail." Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862)

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Thanksgiving was incredibly delicious the other night. I think I have decided that Thanksgiving definitely needs to be celebrated more than once a year. I'm thinking more like every three months. I mean why not...right? The meal is top-notch and in all honesty we as humans have ALOT to be thankful for. Why shouldn't we dedicate more than one day a year to gather those who are most important in your life, sit back, gorge yourself on embarrassing amounts of incredibly comforting food, and reflect on what we have to be thankful for?

My outfit today was crazy comfortable...who needs a waistband the day after Thanksgiving?  I hiked up my maxi skirt, belted it with my thrifted obnoxiously red shirt and said Voila! I played with some of the filters for these pics, i really love how they turned out. The only problem is that I rounded the corners and now it look kinda dumb with the squared off black outlines. I tried to fix it but can't. Oh well lesson learned for next time. When scouting a pic location I spotted a mama moose and two babies, I was hoping they'd stick around to be my background but I spooked them and they ran...

Have a glorious day everyone!

Skress: Target
Button up: Thrifted...$1
Sunnies: borrowed from daughter

Thrifting and errands with my grandma and mom, back to parents house for lunch, sat and chatted the last hours with my grandparents, and then a milk and bread run to Target.

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just my style 019
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  1. Beautiful photos! Who takes them? It looks like an in a magazine and its pretty brilliant how you styled everything!

  2. Wow, you look absolutely gorgeous! The button-up over the dress is perfect. Also, I love your hair like that too.


  3. You have just been on fire lately! These pictures are stunningly beautiful, and I love how you styled this outfit!

  4. Golly! You are just killing it lately! Not only is the outfit absolute perfection, but the photos are insanely lovely! Bravo.


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