Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I LOVE a good scarf!

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Well today is the day....My two tear old is having his tooth surgically removed this afternoon. The worst part is that he has to get an IV and get hooked up to heart monitors etc.. Who knew that swinging on a swing could lead to all of this!!! To say the least I am a little nervous. Anyways, to combat the nervousness, I wore this great new scarf (new stuff always makes a girl more confident...right?) that I bought at Treasure Loft for a whopping dollar yesterday.

Jeans: Seven for all Mankind
Boots: J-Crew ( ebay for a killer deal of $25 including shipping!!)
Cardigan: Banana Republic (ebay)
Tank: Gap
Scarf: Treasure Loft
Bracelet: Fred Meyer

Only the surgeon's office...I had to reschedule my hair appointment. :(
Depending on how Son is doing we may stop by Awesome Husband's office to say Howdy.

**The extra weirdo pics are for my 10 yr old daughter. We started this project blog together. I bounce ideas off of her in the morning, she tells me how I look, how to pose, and takes all of my pics. I actually think it makes the blog a little more fun and interesting to look at! A peek into our fun-lovin personality! I hope you enjoy.


  1. i love your photos... and have actually wondered in the past who took them...they make this blog!!!! keep up the good work...hope your little boy is okay

  2. You look great today. I love the scarf, how you tied it, AND the Walk Like an Egyption pose! Keep following your daughter/art dirctions ideas.

  3. Wow, your 10 yr old takes that good photos?!They are great. Not weird at all.
    I so wish my lot could use a camera. Maybe I should train my 15 yr old boys but will they be willing to photograph me???

  4. I love the scarf! Hope your son did okay! (My four and a half-year old has seizures so I know how awful it can be to have a toddler hooked up to all that medical equipment!)

  5. Aw....that's adorable that your daughter takes your pictures! Tell her she is doing a WONDERFUL job! :-)

    and the scarf is absolutely beautiful!

  6. wow your daughter takes amazing pictures!you're a very fashionable mom.

    of course it would be lovely to exchange links. thank you for offering! well, it is summer and next to the mall, the beach is where the people go here. we have amazing beaches and i hope you can experience them someday :D


  7. super cute blog -- I love all your poses!

    Just wanted to let you know that I have a fahion contest every friday on my blog-- you should check it out ;)


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