Thursday, April 2, 2009

Skirt or not???

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I was in a mad scramble this morning. It was one of those mornings that you think you are ahead of schedule until you realize(or are told last minute by your daughter that she has a student council meeting before school)that you have to do something about 45 min sooner than you had planned. There are so many things wrong with these pictures!!! They resemble those games that you try to find all the things that are not right in the picture....Oh well they're up and I'm comfy and cozy while still a little springy! It's NOT springy here though, snow on the ground,(it snowed yesterday) and 20 degrees APRIL????

Capris: Nordstrom a LONG time ago
Boots: UGGS (I know they're not that cute but they're a staple item up here!)
Scarf: Thrifted...I stopped in at The Treasure Loft yesterday and found a pile of scarves for $1 each!!! SCORE!
T-shirt: Target
Cardigan:Banana Republic (ebay)
Necklace: fake pearls I wore in my brothers wedding
Bracelets:(beaded) local artist (silver) Tiffany (gifted)

No place special today. More cleaning, more errands, packing for the cabin this weekend. Do we see a pattern?

I was tired of wearing jeans and it was just too cold for a skirt, plus not very practical for my day, so I pulled out these fun flowy capris. If I stand just right it looks like a skirt. :) Strange combo but it works!

**Thank you from my anonymous commenter's. Love the comments, it makes this all so much more fun, plus it brightens my day!

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