Sunday, April 26, 2009

Stripes and Spots...Oh my!

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Today I'm living on the edge and mixing my stripes and my spots. As I was getting ready for church this morning I asked Awesome Husband the same question I always ask. Here is how it went:

ME: "How does this look?"
AH: "ummmm stripes and spots?"
ME: "Yes I know but I am wearing it anyway!"
AH: " Yeah it looks fine"
ME: "Thanks!"

Pants: BCBG
Belt: Moms closet
Shirt: Ebay or etsy...Sally Jane Vintage
Cardigan: Target
Shoes: Target
Bracelet: Fred Meyer

CHURCH!!!!! :)


  1. Looks better than fine - you look great!! I love the pattern mixing and those pants are seriously awesome!

  2. I love mixing patterns. If it's done right, it makes you look like a pro. I like it!

  3. That conversations sounds sooo familiar. Love the look.

  4. that is so cute. The spot is just subtle to pair it with the bold stripes and the combination is sooo cute. Plus the pants spells cool. i love everything, the while nine yards.

    have a great day!

  5. lol, everything I wear looks "just fine" to my husband. I LOVE this look,as I do almost everything you put together.

  6. im lovin the wide leg pants on you. plus the polka dot blouse adds the perfect touch. lovely :D

  7. love the top and wide leg pants


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