Friday, April 10, 2009

Not feelin it....

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Ok, so I am back in the land of the living....kinda! I am still not feeling top notch, and I think my outfit today reflects that. I was going for an edgy, trendy, comfortable look but I am not feeling it. I suppose a good little blogger would change it up but to be honest I really don't have to energy to, (not feeling the creative vibe today)so this will have to do.


Jeans: Seven for all Mankind
Shoes: Steve Madden ( steal!)
Dress/tunic: Victoria's Secret
Cardigan: J-crew (another steal from ebay)
Belt: who knows!
Rings: The Buckle & Mexico
Bangles: clearance at Fred Meyer
Necklace: ?????

***NOTE: Sorry about the unedited photo, Flickr is acting weird and I can't get it to the edit screen...anyone else having issues? My entire flickr is different. Did they change it?


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