Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend getaway...

just my style 762just my style 770just my style 759

Here are a couple examples of my attire on the weekends. We own a cabin up in the Talkeetna mountains that is bordered by two creeks. It is fantabulous to have somewhere to getaway from it all and just be. We fly there most every weekend in the summer and try to snowmachine out to it as much as possible in the winter. I LOVE my magenta alaska shirt. It was designed by a local guy here and I bought it at a "fly in" (small planes fly to a designated place for a show) in Valdez. Can you spot all of the things hidden in the state.....This shirt sums up my blessed life. Have fun hunting.....

* There are at least ten specific activities/objects hidden in my shirt.

1 comment:

  1. I definitely see the "everyday alaska" in your shirt. Trying to look for the rest just makes me even more tired. (It's 1:30 am for me right now)

    Love that shirt though. Hidden things are fun.


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