Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I want these!!!


I am a HUGE cupcake fan and seriously these could be the most RAD cupcakes EVER!!!!!

Here is a little secret about me....get ready.....

I played The original Mario Brother's for hours and hours and HOURS when I was a kid, but was never was able to save the princess. Pathetic, I know...I may be the only kid on the planet to never conquer level 8:4


  1. i didn't own a nintendo but played at my cousin's a few times and i never got past 1-3 so ha!

  2. i think you should know that i too am an avid fan of cupcakes! if i seriously had more time on my hands and the best metabolism on earth, i'd bake every cupcake in my special cupcake cookbook. but for now, i stick to special occassions (mostly other people's birthdays family and office and also holidays). i try to make them as cute as i can but i'm no pro. wah! my valentine's day cupcakes had black heart sprinkles on them!!!

  3. youre not the only one who made it that far still never reach the princess!

  4. oh my god!! i want to make those now!! :)



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