Monday, July 27, 2009

Love these jeans....

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If I had to pick out a favorite pair of jeans that I own, this pair would be one of the finalist's. They make me feel like a tough girl/rebel...which I am definitely NOT! It's fun to pretend though. I tried to take the tough girl look a little further today with the black and silver accessories, the off kilter button job, and the bare shoulder. :)

Jeans: True Religion
Tank: Banana Republic
Cardigan: Target
Shoes: Target
Necklace/pendant: Mexico
Rings: Mexico

Wherever the wind blows me.....


  1. They look awesome on you, love the jeans!
    That reminds me i have to go do some overdying on my jeans.

  2. You wear this look really well! I love how you are wearing something off the shoulder without actually baring a bare shoulder.

  3. love the mixing of the stripes in the cardigan and tank. cool jeans!

  4. I love it - it's very casual cool!

  5. you're the second person i know of besides me who has this cardi! haha! tina tells me it's supposed to button in back. i've worn it both ways though. i like it either way! love your necklace too!

  6. This is an awesome look. Love the jeans!

  7. Love that cardi! And at least your holes are modest ones. (much more stylish) I've seen them where their hind end is hanging out LOL!


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