Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sleep Deprived.....

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I've had these skinny jeans tucked away in the closet for months now. I just joined Weardrobe and while perusing the site fell in love with (yet another new look for me) boots over the jeans look. Took a chance, dusted off the skinny jeans and gave it a whirl!

**No post yesterday, awesome husband took the day off and whisked me away for our 11th year anniversary! We flew down to the peninsula and had a fantastic day of just hanging out, we never get to just dink around with no agenda. We ended up hooking up with some friends later in the day and ended up fishing ALL NIGHT! Surviving with about 3 hrs of sleep here! Well worth it though, I had a great day with my most awesome man.

Boots: BCBG
Jeans:Denim of Virtue
Belt: Target
Tank: Gap
Shirt: Thrifted $1
Necklace: Target

A few odds and ends errands and then back home to recover from my all-nighter!


  1. That orange top is awesome! Just started following your blog--it looks great!

  2. i think you look fab in all colors including this coral. glad you had a nice day and night.

  3. This is a FABULOUS outfit! You really seem to be hitting a great stride lately. I even saw you featured on weardrobe's tumblr today. Congrats!

  4. very cute look! love boots over jeans! one of these days i might try it!

  5. Aw...congratulations on 11 years!

    Those flat, brown boots are fantastic!

  6. Congrats on 11yrs....i have yet to try boots over look great

  7. Loving that you modernized the top by leaving it unbuttoned and belted over it. There are so many of these tops out there in thrift stores in cool fabrics.

    Lookin' good, lady!

  8. I love this outfitl. Your blog is wonderful. Very inspiring. I have always been afraid to buy a pair of boots, although I adore them, because I don't know what to do with them. Very excited to get my own pair. By the way, you look great in coral.


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