Friday, July 24, 2009

double pockets...

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Maybe I am just not up to date on there new styles of cardigans and their pockets. I recently ordered this cardigan from the J-Crew final sale. I really love the short sleeves and the retro print but when I put it on I noticed that there are two small pockets, one on top of the other on the right hand side. There are no pockets on the left. Is this a manufacturer oopsie or is it supposed to be this way? I am going to believe it is supposed to be that way for an interesting twist! :)

I am so exited that so many of you like the jeans. Thanks for entering and don't forget if you re-post the contest on your blog it will earn you an extra entry. Make sure to let me know when you do.

Jeans: Seven for all Mankind
Tank: Gap
Necklace: ???
Shoes: Victoria's Secret

Errands around town

**Not sure why I felt the need to make so many weird faces today...quirky mood I guess.


  1. I can't say that I know anything about the double pockets, but I assume it's intentional. I do love both the pattern and the short sleeves on the cardigan. It's fab.


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