Thursday, July 28, 2011

"I love you more today than I did yesterday, but less than I will tomorrow."

Happy 13th Anniversary to Us!!!

Today marks my husband and I's 13th Anniversary. Lucky number 13...hehe. I thought in honor of our day share a little of our story.

This story begins WAAAAY back in sixth grade. Mr. Martinelli's class, the first day of Middle school (or as others call it junior high) and I found my assigned seating in the center of the two desk wide rows in the very back of the classroom. I looked curiously at who would be sitting next to me for the year. Jeremy Pepperd... huh, never heard of him, I hope he doesn't stink or something weird like that. (Don't judge, it was sixth grade) I can honestly say that it was a done deal for me after that year. Game Over, I was off the market.  I fell in love (or serious like) in sixth grade! Which literally scares the ju-ju's out of me seeing that my daughter just completed sixth grade and the other will be there in two years. ACK!
mexico 031
 We shamelessly, and I mean shamelessly flirted our way through middle school and the first couple years of high school. I was a complete dork and began each school year with the same questions... How many classes will I have with him? (I even overheard him one spring talk about which classes he would be taking the next fall and signed up for those classes too....only to have it backfire on me, not only did I not get into his period but It was an AP class and he is an uber smarty pants...I am not, it did not end well.) Where will his locker be? Did he get a girlfriend over the summer? Our sophomore year I eagerly awaited seeing him again after summer break only to be heartbroken, he wasn't there. Two weeks went Jeremy. I was crushed! Then out of the blue he showed up and had a locker RIGHT NEXT TO MINE!!! Wow...patience really does pay off! He had taken an extended summer break and enrolled  late...he could do that, he's a smarty pants remember. I could not believe my luck, every day, every hour I would be able to see him, talk to him and WEAR HIM DOWN!!! We had a great time teasing, flirting and becoming best friends that year.
aug - sep '07 149
  Jeremy was to busy living life to have a girlfriend *bonus for me* and I barely dated so when my alarm woke me up (serious psycho weirdness here. I already's ok to judge :)) one morning that summer to some random country song, the lyrics being "I shoulda asked him sooner, now he's gone" or something to that effect, I panicked. (I know...psycho!) I called him that day completely random and asked him to go to the movies with me. Phenomenon with John Travolta to be exact. Don't ask me what it was about I have no idea! He said yes and even asked if we could go to the later movie so that he could take me in his Mom's car, he didn't want me to ride in his beater of a truck...AWWW! He was a gentleman, and everything a girl dreams of . We went to coffee after the movie and that marked our "dating" relationship. We continued very, very, very slowly until November of that year when we finally made things official. We were "going out"!
j iphone 025
 We were pretty much inseparable after that, I fell in love with him more and more each day. We graduated high school and got married that summer. Three kids, countless adventures, good times, bad times, tears, laughter, sweet nothings, and priceless memories, we find ourselves living life as best friends, lovers, partners, and striving to be one each day. I could not have chosen a better man to brave this world with. Thank you Jeremy for letting me wear you down all those years ago. I would not be half the person I am today with out you. The life and happiness that you have graciously provided me with is beyond my wildest dreams. I am honored and humbled to be your wife. I LOVE YOU! XOXOXOX Thank You.
april 2009 172

Costa Rica 2010 476

June 2010 1631

Guayabitos  2010 268

Guayabitos 2011 606

***Note to self*** Take more pics of just the two of us! This was tough.

Here's to many more years together. Cheers!


  1. GOD BLESS, i been with my BF for 8 years almost and we going through things now o try to stay together. I wish you guys many more years!!!

  2. Congrats!!! You look fabulous in that red dress.


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