Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"You may only be someone in the world, but to someone else, you may be the world." Source Unknown

July 13th 2011July 13th 2011July 13th 2011

I cannot believe the end of summer is in sight. It seems as though it was never here, partly because our weather has been less than stellar, but also time has just flown by. I am realizing that the saying I always was told about time seeming faster the older I get may have a lot of truth to it. I am loving the age of my children now and we are completely mobile and free to go whenever, what I fear is that we are getting swooped up by the rapid pace of life. I am diligently trying not so much to "slow down" because that is us, we are on the go and loving it. The problem lies in not seeing , recognizing , and absorbing all of the moments in life that go unnoticed. The little things in life that really make it great. The things that make you involuntarily smile. The things you really appreciate but wouldn't notice them until they are gone. I recently was introduced to the term "Grace Moments". This phrase says it all!!! Each morning I want to wake up fully aware of the moments in my life that are good, and meditate on those instead of my to-do list, problems, or stresses. So here's to finding those moments....
  • The wink Jeremy gives me from across the room that speaks more than words sometimes.
  • Waking up to sunshine when it was supposed to rain.
  • Knowing that the laundry is completely done....for now. :)
  • Fall lookbooks coming out in magazines already! I LOVE fall clothes!
  • Knowing people are praying for me, without them telling me they are.
  • The cup of coffee next to my keyboard.
  • Bud vases with fresh flowers in them.
  • Packages in the mailbox.


Blouse: J-Crew
Chinos: American Eagle
Shoes: Target

July 13th 2011


  1. I am SO excited to see that you're back to style blogging, lovely! I adore that blouse, and it's absolutely perfect with skinny pants.
    I love the idea of grace moments-- it's all too easy to let them slip by without a notice!


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