Friday, August 21, 2009

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow......

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Another gorgeous day!!!!!

Ok, so after my little confession yesterday I decided I better bring it to the table and put my money where my mouth is. I put this little ruffly floral number on and added the lace leggings and because I really wanted to do it right added the large baubles. I am LOVING it, AND I feel great in it! WOO - HOO!!
Dress: Target.....clearance
Legging: Target.....clearance
Necklace: Target.....clearance
bracelet: Fred Meyer.....clearance
Shoes: Steve Madden.....ebay
belt: thrifted....$1.50

WHOA...thrifty shopper today


  1. that quote is awesome... and that dress is perfect! You look like so young and fun! I think when you listen to your inner YOU, and you feel great and aren't dressing to fit in, you find a style that fits you perfect!

  2. we are twins! i own this dress as well, and have posted it twice on my blog:

  3. Love all the lacy girliness! Gorgeous!

  4. Love the quote, I'll make it my quote of the day today! :)

  5. love the look except for the tights (hideous tights!). i need to get myself to target asap!


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