Tuesday, November 10, 2009

YOU are the only one holding yourself back.....

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SNOW!!!!WE FINALLY HAVE SNOW!!!! November 9th and we finally get snow in ALASKA...what is happening? I was starting to reaaly get kinda irked. I knew that a long drawn out warm fall season was great and that I should be trying to enjoy extra fall activities but the inner me, the part that has lived here all her life and has always gotten snow in late September to early October was FREAKING OUT! It threw my whole little internal clock off and I didn't know what to do. Now I do and I'm going to make homemade snow-cream for desert tonight, and possibly take my kids sledding tomorrow! WEEEEEEE!

In fashion news....not much...had to wear the Uggs again, and this sweater was my first thrifted item ever bought, aren't the little puff balls fabulous!

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sweater: thrifted
Tank: Old Navy
Jeans: James
Boots: Uggs

Around the house, off to daughter basketball game, and then out to a celebratory dinner...she scored 8 points!
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  1. i am jealous of your snow! we rarely ever get snow down in texas. i think once per winter we get a sleet or ice storm and the entire city shuts down for a coupla days. it's kindof embarrassing actually!

  2. That sweater looks so cozy - I love it!

  3. Lovely sweater!! This pictures is actually making me wish for snow- it is that pretty!



  4. The sweater looks so warm and cozy and it goes great with those very cute gray boots!

    Enjoy sledding with the kids tomorrow. Sounds like a fun day already:)

  5. I just came across you blog, and wanted to first off say HI! ...and second - I LOVE your clothes! I wish I looked that good in my clothes :) Take care!

  6. that sweater looks so soft and cozy. beautiful pics.

  7. My husband and I so wish we lived in Alaska! I think the last time it snowed here in Houston was five years ago...well maybe it was just sleet. :)
    It's kind of funny though...when the temp. drops below 75 people bring out their parkas!

  8. You always look so pretty but in this one you look like a snow angel! You became the part of the nature. Love the shots. Would love to know who takes the pictures for you. :)

  9. oH THIS IS JUST LOVELY! Honestly, that sweater against the snow backdrop makes me a little jealous! I know that once it starts coming down here i'm going to be eating those words but for now I'm happy to just admire from afar.


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