Monday, November 2, 2009

Marrying is easy, it's housework that's hard.....Proverb

just my style 1858just my style 1857just my style 1859
The weather here has been totally insane this year! We have NO SNOW!!! It is November 2nd and we have no snow..none...nada...zilch! It has even been so warm here that the lakes and creeks are barely frozen! I HATE IT!!! It is ugly, brown and stark here. Winter is usually in full swing by now. Ugh.... To spruce up my mood I decided to put a litle springy spin on the day.

*I will be posting a giveaway later today...Click back to enter...
Jeans: Seven for all Mankind...thrifted...$3.50
Belt: ????
Tank: Nordstrom
Button-up: Old Navy
Necklace: Target

Lazing around the house and then back to church for evening service.
just my style 1860


  1. I love this outfit and especially how wonderfully affordable it is! You look like a million bucks!!


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