Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Nifty Thrifty Wednesday!

I have been admiring all of the little woven loafers everyone in blogland has been wearing lately. I was more than pleased when I saw these blue woven lovlies for $3.50!
just my style 1663

I also picked up these sweet litle wedges. I love that they are both brown and black. The twisted leather and kitten wedge heel all made me swoon for only $3.50!
just my style 1664

I couldn't resist these necklaces either......
beaded $2 pearl $5
just my style 1666

I am always on the lookout for more belts. When I saw the red one I thought maybe it could go with this dress, after alterations of course. If I wore my flat blue loafers from above with my thrifted dress and belt...Can we say cute AND cheap!!!! The red belt was $1, and the fabulous buckle one was $2!
just my style 1665

Ok this last piece I took a chance on a dollar....It needs some serious DIY work, and even then I am not sure if it can be saved. I would most definately need to fix the mega slit (there is only a slit on the one side...weird!) and shorten it. Add some tights, a jacket or maybe a bright turtleneck....HELP! Not sure why I bought it...It just sorta spoke to me and jumped in my bag! Can it be revived????
just my style 1667just my style 1668


  1. hee hee. you are so funny. i vote for making the last item into a top and pair it with a fitted black jacket of some kind.

  2. You have the greatest luck thrifting! Seriously in love with those fabulous shoes. WIth the dress, I think you can definitely make it work-- it's got a great pattern, and some very simple bare bones. Like you said, shorten, seam up the slit, and perhaps cut a boatneck? I think it has tons of potential!

  3. I would shorten it to where that second orange cross part is. Sassy!

  4. I like the idea of a top, or maybe a minidress. The fabric and silhouette look nice.

  5. You get some great bargains! wish we had thrift stores like that here!!

    How about shortening the dress to tunic length and wearing it with jeans or leggings and boots? With a long sleeve top under for the winter it would be great.

  6. Great finds! For the dress, fix the split and shorten it, to either a knee or tunic length. I like the idea of a boatneck too.

  7. I agree with Mary, you have fabulous luck! I love the shoes.

    As for the dress: shorten, seam, boatneck and go!

  8. Awesome dress! If you left the collar as is, and shortened (and sewed the slit), it would look very 60's.

    I read your blog on google reader and I don't always notice which blog it is that I'm reading, but I recognized your blog from just the picture of your feet! You definitely have a distinctive style.

    P.S. I added you to my blogroll yesterday.

  9. i feel a micro-mini dress in your future!
    pair it with thick black tights + a black leather biker jacket for winter. awesome.

  10. Great finds,
    I would have bought the dress too! It has a nice fit.
    I am thinking, wear a long black light fabric skirt under it....

  11. I have that same pearl necklace!! Mine is "vintage" Avon I think that I got from my Grandma. As for the dress, you were smart with chancing the $1 - I think you can definitely turn it into a fun piece!

  12. I say cut the other side of the dress as high as the existing one, find some cool tights and wear it all with some strappy sandals. Very Asian influenced and with your looks, you'd look like a little China doll! You can rock that any way you choose and won't have to sew a bunch.

  13. Love the belts and your expressions hehe

  14. Chop it into a tunic, use the leftover material for a scarf or something, and sew/wrap an few strands of beads around the collar. I love colours! Great blog!

  15. I LOVE your shoes. and those belts. Vintage perfection!!


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