Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Nifty Thrifty Wednesday!

If I had to leave the  blogosphere tomorrow, the most valuble lesson I would take away from it would be that thrifting is FABULOUS! Before starting just my style I was a pretty avid "sale/ebay shopper", I prided myself on never paying full price for anything. Thrifting has brought me to the next level and quite frankly I've gotten some of my favorite additions via thrifting.

Thrifting enables me a few things:
  • Get my weekly shopping fix CHEAP!!
  • Use my imagination and creativity when shopping for clothes.
  • Have my own personal unique wardrobe, full of things from many different eras.
  • Did I mention it was CHEAP?
One of the local thrift stores here in town has Wednesday  Dollar Day, all adult clothing is marked down to $1 and childrens clothing is $.50! Isn't that magnificent!!!!
Every Wednesday I will post my thrifty finds here with my thoughts about whether I should leave them as-is, if they require a little DIY action, or if I should have left it hanging on the rack! I fall helplessly short in the DIY category and I am making it a goal in the next 100 posts to get better at it. It is my hope that all of you DIY guru's will help me in this quest by offering up your insane creativity reguarding dye, alterations,embellishing, and all that other fun stuff I know NOTHING about!

With all that said, Here are my finds for the week. I was so pumped to be able to find blazers that actually fit me. All summer I've been looking for some and until now they have all been sz 14 or 2XL! The burgandy will be perfect for that casual dress up the jeans afternoon, and the cream one with the awesome buttons an roll-up sleeves...I'm in love! My thoughts are that the blazers and the sweater vest are wear as-is items, (unless you all have better ideas) but the dress is in need of some DIY! I immediately was drawn to the simple pattern and the vintage look and feel it has. I am not sure about the length of the sleeves or the length of the skirt....what do you think?


nifty thrifty Wednesday 001

nifty thrifty Wednesday 002

nifty thrifty Wednesday 003

nifty thrifty Wednesday 004
Check out the detail on the sleeves and the sweet buttons!
nifty thrifty Wednesday 006

nifty thrifty Wednesday 007
I'm sorta loving the worn in, beat up look of these buttons..

nifty thrifty Wednesday 008
nifty thrifty Wednesday 009
Whatcha Think? Ideas please!!!!


  1. Love the dress!! Though I think it would flatter you more to tailor the sleeves short and then throw abrown belt over it, gorgeous!!

  2. I love that you are going to do this!! It is always amazing the thrifting treasures you can find and its so fantastic that you get to enjoy $1 days! I have on a pair of $2 Target New Stock Heels that I scored at Goodwill last week today and they make me happy everytime I look at them.

    Those blazers are fantastic! I really like the dress too. I can see it without the sleeves so you could wear it as a jumper over turtlenecks and l/s shirts and maybe shortened a bit too. The pleating down the front is fantastic!

  3. i think with the dress.... leave the arms- i like the length and style....but it really needs to be shorter on you... made be above the knee

  4. Wow... you´ve hit jackpot ! (Just in case you did not notice)
    I´m not so DIY either but I think that the dress would look better with 3 inches less in seam and out of it you could make a headband or a belt.
    Ohhh I can image this dress with a yellow belt !

  5. These are all great purchases! Can't wait to see how you rock them. I agree, I think the dress would look better shorter but the sleeves are too fun!

  6. I really like the cream blazer!!
    I think the puffy sleeves on the dress take attention away from the beautiful pleating. Is there pleating on the back as well? So my vote is to get rid of the sleeves, add a medium or wide belt and shorten the hem. Can't wait to see what you decide!


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