Thursday, September 10, 2009

Closet Casualty......

Some of you may have noticed my absence from the blogosphere this past week. It all started on Saturday when I cleaned the house from top to bottom...SPOTLESS! My dear husband flew home from the cabin to pick us all up for the long weekend. I progammed the Roomba, (LOVE that thing) locked the house, and was feeling awesome about coming home on Monday night to a perfectly clean house! (I even washed all of my bedding so we could sleep in a fresh bed when we got home!) Fast forward through a lovely and relaxing Labor Day weekend and we find ourselves back home basking in the spotlessness of the house.....until I walked into my bedroom and  see THIS that is....
just my style 1568

and this....

just my style 1567

which resulted in this.....

just my style 1566

and this....

just my style 1565

and this...depending on the angle

just my style 1564

OMGoodness!!!! My entire closet collapsed! CATASTROPHE!!!! Especially when you left it like this....

just my style 1569

just my style 1572
just my style 1571

Have no fear though, my little brother came over and helped me reconstruct my closet to it's original state. As far as wardrobe was concerned I had to live in whatever was on top of the heap, so not much creativity was involved! I have also been really tapped of energy this week and so I took my closet casualty as a sign to take the week off! Posting will resume soon.....until then, HAVE FUN!


  1. what a nightmare! Your closet before was SO WELL organzied too!

  2. OH NO.
    that sucks..
    but dude, you have alot of clothes!!!
    And shoes!!
    And do I see wine bottle?

  3. Oh my!! You have a seriously organized closet.. glad to hear it's back to normal!

  4. bummer. this happened to me twice. not the same magnitude though.

  5. OMG!! This is my biggest fear come to life...

    I am so glad you got it fixed and back to order though... and you had a great Labor Day weekend before that.


  6. Wow, your closet looked amazing (pre-disaster!). I fear this will happen to me one day (it did a few times at university but on a much smaller scale). Glad you've managed to get it all fixed up.

  7. is that all just YOUR clohtes?? or the husband's too? That is a lot of clothing!

    Anyways- that is absolutly terrible, but at least it was easy to put back together! Miss your posts!

  8. That would have made me cry. I'm glad you got it all back to normal!

  9. Been there... but not this bad... but, out of bad stuff something good comes out.... :) You probably re-discovered some nice pieces...

  10. oh my!!..i would die!!.....great closet before the disaster

  11. O my goodness!!!!! I hope it gets back up and running soon!!!! (Thanks for changing my link! I've added you to my role!! :)

  12. Oh my and after all that work you put into it. Well thats great you have a sweet brother to come and lend a hand. Good to hear all is back in order.

  13. Holy cow! That's bananas! Oh, btw, my closet regularly looks like your destroyed one, 'cept I have no excuse... like a broken top shelf or anything like that!


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