Wednesday, September 2, 2009

100th post!!!!!

This post will be my 100th post. I never thought I would even last this long in the fashion blog world, nor did I think people would actually read this. It just started out as as something my daughter and I could do together, sort of a mothers attempt to bond. Now after 100 posts it has turned into so much more than that. I have become a more confident person inside and out,  learning many lessons about myself, we could call it a period of self discovery, whether it is directly or indirectly due to this blog I don't know. I do know however that it has become part of my regular day and I enjoy it greatly. I am loving getting to know all of you and your kind words have definately put a smile on my face when most needed. Thank You! I look forward to meeting more of you and cultivating the friendships that are already started.
I'm getting a little tired of the same old thing day after day and which brings me to the purpose of this post. I think this blog needs a little spicing up for at least the next 100. I have a few ideas in mind, one of which will make it's first appearance later today, (check back later) but I wanted to ask you what you thought.
  • What do you like about my just my style?
  • What do you dislike about just my style?
  • Do you like the new large lead photo in the last post?
  • What kind of backdrops do you like best?
  • Quotes or titles?
  • Any other input you think would make just my style a better place to visit?
Thank you....may the next 100 be even better!


  1. I like that you include your daughters occasionally. They are so cute!
    There isn't anything that I can think of that I dislike!
    LOVE the new large lead photo!
    I love all your backdrops, esp. the outdoor photos. Since you live in one of the most beautiful states it's great to see some of that!

  2. I really enjoy all of your favorite part is the amazing landscape backdrops of Alaska! i also like the quotes from famous authors that make us ponder, but i visit your blog each day for the fashion....i love how you have an everyday polished style i can relate with and that you share where you get your clothing and accessories. I would also love to hear more about your photography! I cant wait to see what you have in store for the next 100!

  3. i love all your live in the most stunning place..... i love checking your blog out for the photos...and i love reading what you have been up too! your life is so so different to mine....and i love the fact i have a 'friend' from the other side of the world. i dont dislike anything!!!! anna x from good old UK

  4. I love your photos - it's amazing to get to see some of the scenery. I wasn't a huge fan of the big lead in photo though - I really like the three ones you do together. It always seemed nice and unique to me. Just keep going though because most of all I like to see the outfits.

  5. Love the large lead photo.
    Really enjoy the different outdoor backdrops.
    Like seeing your daughters in the photos...they are ADORABLE!
    Can't think of anything I don't like.
    Do you still keep up with your blog about your family? They was enjoyable reading as well.

  6. I really like the large lead photo - and I like that you always include more than one photo. More photos the better!

    The outdoor photos are the best, too - the flower backdrop was amazing.

    Keep posting lots of pictures - maybe close-ups and video tutorials too!

  7. Things I like about Just my Style... - well I like seeing the creative outfits you put together, I like seeing your adorable daughters, and I like seeing a bit about your life in Alaska as it is pretty far removed from my life here near Toronto, Canada. I'm not so keen on the large photo as I could only see it all if I scrolled down. I like seeing a couple of views of an outfit and maybe some close-ups of details.

    Keep up the great work.

  8. Hi! First, thank you for doing this! Thank you for being funny and honest about your daily trials, struggles, and hopes. Very encouraging! Schelpping through the day is better when one looks fabulous & not spending a fortune on great clothes! Love when you're feeling funky and free...and that you have your niece's headband! Ha!

    I LOVE the pic of you in the flowers & that your daughter is the one that found the place for you! Very cool!

    I'd love to see you in one of your fab outfits serving dinner or cooking or emptying the dishwasher or running out the door or coming in the door with groceries or even doing laundry. You've got a terrific sense of humor and I'm curious as to how you'd frame the shots in various places in your home.


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