Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Breakdowns can create breakthroughs. Things fall apart so things can fall together.

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Just a quickie today.... It poured rain ALL day and I was feeling a wee bit yuck. Days like this call for my "comfort clothes" sorta the same as comfort food without the calories. Boyfriend jeans and a giant chuncky sweater.....

Jeans: Seven for all Mankind....thrifted...$3.50
Tee: J-Crew
Sweater: Thrifted...$1
Scarf: Target
Belt: ????
Shoes: Birkenstock....SO Comfy!

Home and then dinner at the in-laws.
just my style 1716


  1. don't you love what you can do with a simple striped tee? you look cozy.

  2. This is a great comfort look. Comfy and stylish- what more could you ask for?

  3. Comfy and still looking good. You really know how to work it!!

  4. I sure hope the title of your post is true. I've had just about as much falling apart as I can take!

  5. ahhh just looking at how comfortable you look makes me want to go home and curl up on the couch! down here (Central Texas) our first day of fall actually felt like fall for a change and it was wonderful!!

  6. Hi Danielle, I just discovered your blog through the domestic sophisticate link. I really like the way you put your outfits (and your blog!) together. I like the big, clear pictures of your outfits and also the details of where the items were purchased, the price and what your plans are for the day. I notice in some of your posts you do close-ups of the accessories/jewelry/shoes you are wearing and I really like that alot. If that's something you'd be interested in doing on a regular basis, I know I'd really enjoy it. I'm also a natural very-dark brunette and I have done highlights in the past. I like both you and I best with our deep natural color! You look lovely both ways, but dark is my personal favorite :-) Keep up the good work...your blog is really entertaining and inspiring.


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