Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm treating you as a friend asking you to share my present minuses in the hope that I can ask you to share my future pluses....Katherine Mansfield (1888-1923)

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It is my belief that a good pair of jeans could be a girls best friend. You know on those certain days when you just slip into them, they fit great and you feel confident...ok maybe it's just me but a good pair of jeans are next to gold in my book! When you pair them with a crisp white shirt it is just magic...on those certain days. This is one of those outfits that will NEVER get matter what era, age, season, or style. LOVE IT!

Jeans: Seven for all Mankind
Button up: J- Crew
Heels: Target

Errands, and church!
just my style 1733


  1. Love that blouse!

    p.s. Check out my giveaway!!

  2. i wish jeans that fit me right were easier to find though. you are right, you can't beat a good pair with a nice crisp white shirt. love the feminine touches on your top.

  3. I do consider you a friend. I wish I knew my blogger friends better. There are people that I follow and people that I like/adore. LOL
    You are on of my favorite bloggers. I love your style and your outlook on clothes and I am jealous of your life.
    I grew up in a town of 500 people so I love to see outfits that are put together but that would work in that setting. You have that. You wouldn't look out of place in a town of 500 and you would fit in a town of 500,000.

  4. You look stunning!! Love this outfit so much!!

  5. You and I share an affinity for jeans. I noticed that you may thrift a shirt, scarf or a belt or 2 but those jeans are also designer. Luv it!

  6. I love that you will thrift just about anything but not those designer jeans. A woman after my own heart. I love, love, love my 7s, citizens and Joes.

  7. Those are some great jeans. And I am really liking your longer hair.

  8. Once you buy one pair of expensive jeans, it's so hard to go back to "regular" jeans, isn't it?

    I love my 7's and Joe's. I will never be able to give them up. :0)

  9. I really like the detail of the ruffle on the white shirt. so sweet!!


  10. HI, I have left an award for you :) I really enjoy your blog-
    I am terrible with blogspot, but while I master it, you can pick it up here:

  11. Hey, Danielle!

    Quick question for you: I buy heels at Target and always find them to be uncomfortable and cut/blister my feet up. These are adorable, but are they comfortable? Just curious if you've had the same experience. :)

    And love the casual chic!



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