Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"If your knees are knocking, kneel on them." (Unknown)

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Another North Carolina post....

I bought this top while down there, I loved the blousy feel to it and for some reason these days I am over the top for stripes! The jeans were on loan at the time from Liz but she graciously gifted them to me before I left. What a gal! The shoes were also hers... I loved the wedge heel and the gray bronzy look they had.  We went out for dinner at the Shuckin Shack. We had so much fun Shuckin oysters and shrimp. The menu even offered deep fried macaroni and cheese, we ordered some but the kitchen got goofed up and we never got any. SAD. I learned my new fact of the day there.... How many oysters in a peck?   Do you know?

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How much fun would this thing be?!? Five seats all with pedals! I wanted to rent one so bad...to bad they were closed.
Blouse: Marshalls
Jeans: Banana Republic...gifted from Liz!
Shoes: "from her closet" (LIZ)

Out to dinner at the Shuckin Shack! A strikingly southern cultural experience...LOVED IT!!! Then out for a cocktail or two! Good Times......

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Mom, Liz, Myself, and Mark

September 2010 319

The scrumptious yet utterly disgusting aftermath...


  1. Very cool blog, was not expecting fashion from Alaska!

  2. That blouse looks amazing on you! I must also say that you kill it in those wedges. How lucky you are to have a friend that is the same size as you!

  3. great outfit and love the pics!! How long are in down there for? Hope everything is going okay.

  4. I love the drapiness of this shirt! You look so cute in the little bumper car!

  5. Fantastic pics! Love your wonderful hair! Great blog! Follow you)Follow me?

  6. such classic, clean, and simple ensemble. perfect for a day that looks like the chillest time ever :)



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