Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

just my style 001

Happy Labor Day everyone! I had an incredibly fun filled weekend. Friday started out meeting Delightfully Tacky's Elizabeth for a photo shoot. It was so much fun and she is just as fun and down to earth in person as she is on her blog! Her hair on the other hand is even more impressive in person!!! HA! The photo shoot was fun and completely awkward all at the same time, it's alot different to have a professional photographer with lights and the fixings standing across from you, than your 11 year old daughter!!! The upside to it though is that you don't feel near as awkward when people walk by and see you taking pictures. It was a blast though and I am completely grateful to have been able to have participated in this project with Elizabeth.

The rest of the weekend was spent up in the mountains at our cabin. Our days were filled with family, friends, afternoon naps, campfires, Merlot, blueberry picking and smores.... Good times! I hope that your weekend was a pleasant as mine.

Fall Foliage

*taken by me on the mountain

*****Style post later today!


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