Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you" Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

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Fall is absolutely and completely in the air. I love everything about it, the colors, the smell, the dark evenings, and stars in the sky once again. (Here in AK we have so much daylight in the summer that it really only gets dusk at night.) I miss the stars.  The weather here continues to give us sunshine, we are not free from the briskness in the air though, I even woke to frost on my truck this morning. By evening I was freezing my tootsie off but I have to stretch my summer to the absolute max since ours is cut relatively short up here.

Life has been so busy these days and I am worried that this is just my life. With three kids and two of them in school that start and end at different times I feel as if I am running all the time! My housework is never caught up and dinners seem to barely make it to the table. I am need of some major reorganizing and reprioritizing I suppose. I have been thinking on life and the importance of keeping priorities straight lately. What are my priorities? What should they be? I know that God foremost and my husband, children, and family are at the top of my list. I strive each day to make sure these people know they are important and valued by me. This seems to add up to be so much of my day. I've been pondering about where friendships fit in my life. Friendship is hard. I am in the thick of raising kids and all that jazz but I need some interaction, some give and take, accountability, you know? The problem I am finding is that life is BUSY and friendships take time...lots of it. That is why I value and enjoy blogging so much. I appreciate the security in that whatever I am feeling or choose to write, you all are there, reading, and listening, interjecting advice or just a kind word. I appreciate you. Every blog I read I have some sort of kinship or connection with it's author, whether it being they are a mom, lover of vintage, having a bad day, completely inspired by the next girl, or incredibly in love with their other half. I connect with you all on one level or another. Thank You.

Shorts: Old Navy...clearance..$4
Sandals: Born...thrifted...$9
tank:  ?
owl ring: Target
Sunnies: borrowed from daughter...found underneath school bleachers :)

Errands around town and then over to the in-laws for dinner and to process and butcher our meat for the winter. (hubbie got a moose! YAY!)

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  1. Oh my gosh, so good! The print on that shirt is so cheery and fun, and I love the pictures with the aspens!

  2. I really love your top! And I'm really jealous that you already have leaves on the ground -- it's like 97 here in Georgia.

    Your thoughts on friendship really resonated with me. Since graduating from college about a year ago, I've struggled with making new and deep relationships -- it's not easy when there aren't social events going on around the corner, and my old college friends have scattered around the world. Blogging helps with that -- even if you haven't met these bloggers in real life, there's no denying that there's often some connection, compassion and friendship there. I think that's why I am so happy to read when blogger friends meet each other in real life -- it's like reading about an online date, except the results are almost always good because they've invested time in reading about each other's lives and know about them.

  3. I love that blouse!! Gorgeous...

    I can totally relate to your comments on how difficult friendships are. I don't have kids, but recently I have lost a friendship that was once really important to me, and it has left a whole in my life. I am learning to let go of the loss and the associated anger, and be there for myself about all others. But it's a difficult process. Bloggers on the other hand are amazing, they are such open minded, supportive and positive. I am so lucky to be a part of it!

  4. Hi there! I know that I am late with this comment....I have been so busy with laundry, homework help, errands, etc., etc., (hahaha, sound familar?!?! LOL!) that I haven't been able to read many blogs lately! Anywho, just wanted to stop by and say, don't let the busyness of life worry you or take away from those things that are most important to you. I can totally relate to what you are saying. I don't think ANYONE is ever truly caught up on housework, etc. If they are, either they are lying :) or they have help!! lol! j/k...But seriously, we are right there with you so just know that you're not alone! Life is about relationships and it is to be enjoyed. "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you." We seek Him first and He will give us Grace (to accomplish what we need to do), Joy (about the task at hand), Peace (knowing that no one is perfect), Knowledge (how to effectively go about doing the task), Wisdom (to know when to lay the task down for a moment). He will allow you to let go and say, "You know what, I've accomplished XYZ today so now, I am going to leave the rest for tomorrow and enjoy my family or a "date night" with my girlfriends, AND you will have PERFECT PEACE about it!! I don't know you personally but from reading your blog, I can tell that you truly care about and love your family dearly.....rest in knowing that they know that! God will honor and reward your dillegence and hard work...He already has! (I know that you already know ALL of this, but I just wanted to reiterate it to you.....and hopefully send you a word of encouragement! :)

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